5 types of pest that may infest your home this summer

wasps 5 summer pests - wasps
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Although the arrival of summer is a cause for celebration and the chance for people to spend more time outdoors relaxing it does bring some problem. The warmer temperatures encourage pests to be more active, so these are the months when you are more likely to notice you are struggling with an infestation. Apex is one of the leading names for pest control Sheffield has because we understand how bugs behave and can find the best solution for problems.

In the summer, there are some pests you are more likely to see than others. Here are the top five:


During the summer ants are working hard to bring food back to their colony. Your home is a rich treasure trove, primarily if you don’t work hard to keep your kitchen clean and dispose of scraps in the outdoor bin. One of the biggest challenges with ant infestations is it can be challenging to identify the species and determine how to tackle the problem.

Bed Bugs

The big problem with bed bugs is they can move from one location to another by clinging to your clothes and other fabrics. As a result, you could find yourself heading home from holiday with them in tow.


In the warm summer months, cockroaches are far more active and energetic. They don’t cope very well in the cold but when the temperatures rise they thrive and can infest a whole property quickly. You’ll likely find them in the warmest places such as under your cooker.


One of the most painful pests you will encounter in summer is the wasp. They are most active this season and can get very aggressive, mainly when you get too close to nests. The fact that wasps can nest in your home makes the problem even worse.


The life cycle of fleas speeds up in summer due to the warm weather. The fleas can multiply due to the increase of wildlife outdoors. When your pets come into contact with them, it can quickly lead to an infestation in your home.
The fleas can multiply due to the increase of wildlife outdoors.

At Apex we can provide the best pest control services for each and every client. Our experience covers several different pests, including specific species of them. When it comes to pest control, Sheffield property owners have no better team to call on than us. Get in touch today to arrange a service today.

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