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At Apex, we’re specialists in ant control throughout Yorkshire. Our technicians are experienced, discreet and friendly. We are a family run business, who specialise in cost-effective solutions.

We keep our prices low and our ant pest control service is guaranteed to give you the best value for money for ant control.

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Qualified Technicians Expert Ant Removal

Our technicians are qualified experts. We are able to identify not only the insect species that has infested your household but will also correctly determine the right type of insecticide and baits to use.

Pest control of ants will get rid of these insects and restore your home or workplace to normal. Garden ants and Black ants are a popular British pest issue when they invade your property in search of sugary foods. With our experts, we will inspect, carry out remedy and exterminate these insects.

Shop bought treatments may temporarily relieve the problem. However, our services provide a permanent solution to your infestation. Ants are social insects and there are a number of different species to consider.

Ant Control Your Shield Against Pest Infestation

The majority of ant species prefer a warmer climate. In Yorkshire, UK the temperature is not suited for many of them like a tropical ant. However, only 50 species are in the UK the type of ants found can be a nuisance when they invade your home. The black garden ant isn’t known to carry diseases, and the trouble is you don’t know where they’ve been foraging outside.

So the last place you want an army of ants is marching through your food cupboards like the pharaoh ants. Worker ants will travel up to 91 metres from the nest in search for food, following chemical trails they have established and start to cluster around the source of food.

As the ant’s cluster this becomes a nuisance in your property. Outside, signs of small piles of earth around holes in the soil and at the base of exterior walls can indicate their origin.

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Types of Ants in the UK

There are 6 common types of ants found in the United Kingdom problems that we encounter regularly. Here are the six most common ants found in the United Kingdom.

  • Lasius Niger (common black garden ant)
  • Lasius Flavus (yellow meadow ant)
  • Formica Rufa (Redwood ant)
  • Formica Sanguinea
  • Myrmica
  • Tetramorium Caespitum

The garden or black ant is probably the best-known ant due to its nature to enter homes. Typically, it’s nesting can be found on patios, along the edges of your garden lawn. 

black ant

Lasius niger – is a very quick, robust ant, and uses formic acid and its jaws as a means of attack and defence.

Its colonies will grow to a size of 15,000 workers, although around 4,000 to 7,000 is the average size. They eat insects, plant nectar, and even the bodies of other ants from other colonies. The insects are also very fond of sugary foods.

yellow ant

Lasius Flavus – the ant is found in gardens and these ants build small mounds in our grassed lawns and are often mistaken for red ants. It is the most skilled nest builder found in the UK.

wood ant

Formica Rufa – is a British ant that belongs to the species Formica. It is known as the wood ant. These species build huge mounds from pine needles and other woodland litter on the edge of woodland clearings or paths.

Your ant control will depend on the type of ant infestation and size of the ant colony. Identifying which kind of ants you have is helpful, to work out the best ant treatment. The pest controller will also find it useful to use a magnifying glass to inspect ant trails and nests.

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Ant Inspection and Targeted Ant Treatment

An inspection is the first step to pest control for ants.

To find the ant nest, we need to follow their trails. Ants lay down a chemical pheromone, and they leave it along with their established routes to and from a food source so the other ants can easily find the food.

Inside your house, we inspect along the carpet edges, doors, windows, and all areas of the kitchen. The easiest way to find an ant trail to the nest is to watch where ants go after reaching the food source.

Outside your home, we inspect your garden around foundation walls and areas of vegetation. Any plants or shrubs found near patios and walls may hide an ant nest or their trails. We check under any item that is on the ground as some ant nests are well protected.

Shield Your Business Our Reliable Control Service for Pest infestations

pest service for business

Commercial pest management offers ongoing support to protect buildings and property. As well as protecting your business from loss of profits, pest control safeguards your reputation against bad reviews.

The pest list is endless; but here are the main culprits:

  • Ants
  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Wasps
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Bugs
  • Bed bugs
  • Insects

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Dealing with Ant Infestations and Pest Ants

We treat the ant nest directly if possible or use bait in the house and on the ant trails.

Our local NPTA (National Pest Technician Association) certified Technicians, BPCA trained and ant extermination specialists. We offer methods of eradication of ant control that gets targeted to eliminate specific indoor ant species. They will solve the problem quickly, and they’re perfectly safe for your family and pets.

Please contact Apex on 0114 3491098. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to arrange help for ant control tailored to your specific problem.

Popular Ant Control Questions

No matter what type of ants issue you have, from Pharaoh ants to the black ant. They typically can be eradicated using ant traps, gels or spray insecticides. For most homes, you will expect to pay around £65 for a one-time visit to get rid of the ant infestation. An ant exterminator will treat indoor ants. Some pest control companies also offer annual contracts costing between £250 and £700 for ants.

The size of an ant nest colony varies between the type of ants. However, it will vary from 300 workers in the summer to over 2,000 workers per queen in the winter. Environmental factors will cause a variation among ant colonies of a particular species.

The first line of defence against the insects is a d.i.y bug killer spray or powder product that you use on garden ants and place in crevices, furniture and in your home. For infestations, an experienced company with qualified pest technicians is the best way to ghost ants. As every location is different, ants control will need a site inspection before professional advice will be available.

Once the pest controllers understand the extent of your issue they will carry out the best treatment for bug management.

You are best using a non-repellent spray so that ants will not scurry away when you use it on them. The spray can kill ants upon contact but also get transported back to the colony to kill other ants and the queen. For ghost ants nesting along with wall voids and other hard to reach spaces, it is ideal to place bait stations instead.

Slow-acting pesticide for ants in bait stations is one good solution. Also, gel formulations in a squeezable or syringe-type tube, are effective. The squeezable gel formulations are more versatile to use and can get placed anywhere for a serious infestation.

Bait stations which are labelled “child-resistant” are best used around children and pets. Both bait-stations or gels are best placed on the ants’ trails where you’ve seen the insects travel.

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