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Tony Johnson, our pest control company founder, is your partner in pest management. With his extensive knowledge of Integrated Pest Mangement and commitment to staying updated on the latest Pest industry trends, Tony is a trusted source for effective pest control solutions. Your peace of mind is Tony's top priority. Trusted BPCA & NPTA member.

Ant Infestation in House

Ant Infestation in House

Why Do You Have an Ant Infestation in Your House?   So, you’ve found ants marching in a straight line across your kitchen counter, haven’t you? Or perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a few ants busily collecting food crumbs in your living room. While a single ant might not raise alarms, multiple ants usually spell out […]

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Pigeon Pest Control

Pigeon Pest Control

How to Implement Effective Pigeon Pest Control Measures?   Alright, folks, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty world of pigeon pest control. Pigeons, or “rats with wings,” as some cheekily call them, can be a downright nuisance. When their numbers go unchecked, the situation can escalate into a bird infestation. What’s the big deal, you ask?

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Pigeon Removal

Pigeon Removal

What To Know About Pigeon Removal?   Picture this: you’re sipping coffee on a glorious morning, only to find your sanctuary invaded by pigeons roosting, cooing, and leaving their calling cards – droppings. Ugh! What to do? Fret not! We’ve hatched the perfect guide to help you wing it and bid goodbye to the pesky

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Bird Pest Control

Bird Pest Control

Feathered Foes: A Definitive Guide to Bird Pest Control in the UK   Ah, birds! The songsters of the skies, the harbingers of spring. But wait, what’s that? Pigeon droppings on your shiny new car, seagulls rummaging through bin lids, or starlings nesting in the roof areas? Suddenly, these feathered friends turn into feathered foes.

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What are the risks related with pest control for squirrels?

Pest Control Squirrel

What Are The Risks Of Pest Control (Squirrel)?   Squirrels are a pest problem for many homeowners. They can cause significant damage to the home’s exterior, roof, and attic. While they can be cute and harmless, squirrels can also bring with them a variety of risks. It is important to understand the potential risks associated

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Effective Methods For Grey Squirrel Control

Grey Squirrel Control

What Are The Most Effective Methods For Grey Squirrel Control?   Grey squirrels can be a nuisance to homeowners, farmers, and other property owners. They can damage crops and gardens, cause structural damage to buildings, and compete with other species for food resources. Fortunately, there are effective methods for grey squirrel control that can help

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