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For residential properties in Yorkshire, we offer economical and bespoke bed bug pest control solutions, as well as comprehensive bed bug management programmes for hospitality and tourism organisations. 

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do you need a bed bug exterminator
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Apex is a Bed Bug Control Company In Yorkshire, UK.

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We Provide Guaranteed Treatment And Eradication Solutions.

Bed Bug Treatment & Control By Local Exterminators

Once you’ve identified the indicators of a bed bug infestation, our knowledgeable bed bug exterminators offer you the finest bed bug removal. Bed bug infestations are notoriously tough to get rid of with over-the-counter products because they may go a year without feeding.

A single female adult bed bug can lay 1-10 eggs per day and 200-500 eggs in her lifetime, making it very difficult to locate and eradicate every bedbug.

How The Bed Bug Control Service Works.

How The Bed Bug Control Service Works.

When dealing with treatment for bed bugs, bed bug control is an extensive investigation of all areas like a mattress and needs to be undertaken as their daytime hiding places are broad.

Bed bugs may enter a property in a variety of ways including hitching a ride in the crevices of your suitcase when returning from holidays. They may be hiding in second-hand furniture that you purchased, the list of ways they may enter is extensive.

How to deal with bed bugs
Bed bug treatment by Apex pest control involves applying a suitable and long-lasting residual insecticide to all surfaces and likely areas using a flat fan and crack and crevice sprayer to all bedrooms. 

This is followed by Ultra Low Volume (ULV) space spray for a quick knockdown effect. In this way, we approach the treatment with a long-term residue and a rapid bedbug control technique.

The sooner bed bug extermination begins, the sooner contaminated areas can be treated and our professional exterminators can stop the spread of the bed bug problem.

Our staff will inspect the entire home for evidence of a bedbug infestation and will document the spread of the infestation in order to deliver the most effective pest control treatment to help you become bug-free.

Apex offers a variety of expert bed bug control treatments, including residual insecticide chemical treatments and chemical-free heat treatments that are specifically designed to efficiently eliminate these pests.

Signs Of Bed Bug Infestations

You may have bed bugs if you wake up with itchy spots you didn’t have when you went to sleep, especially if you bought a used bed or other used furniture around the time the bed bug bites began. Other indications of severe infestations are:

  • Your bed linen or pillowcases have blood stains on them.
  • Bed bug excrement in dark or rusty patches on sheets and beds, bed clothing, and walls
  • In areas where bed bugs hide, look for faeces, eggshells, or shed skins.
  • The scent glands of the bugs emit an awful, musty odour.
Bed bugs questions answers

Remove all bedding and inspect it for traces of the bugs or their excrement if you suspect an infestation. Examine the mattress seams in the wood framing by removing the dust cover from the bottom of the box springs. Remove the fabric from the bed frames where it is stapled.

Also, look around the bed, including inside books, phones, and radios, the carpet’s edge, and even electrical plugs. Bedbugs can adhere to clothing, so check your closet. Call an exterminator if you’re unsure about bedbug signs. They’ll know what to check for.

The Benefits Of Our Bed Bug Control & Removal

There are numerous benefits to having professionals eradicate bed bugs from your house. Here are some reasons why you should employ bed bug exterminators rather than dealing with the pest problems on your own.

  • Pro-grade Pesticides get used
  • Your pest problem is dealt with immediately.
  • You save time and money.
  • We use targeted methods to prevent bed bugs immediately.
  • There will be no more bed bug bites, Scratching and itching
  • Feeling of Safety
  • Approved NPTA Pest Technicians.

When you hire a professional pest control company like Apex, you only have to do two things: contact us and schedule a visit from experts. Hiring a pest control firm saves you time and effort when it comes to bed bug extermination.


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Finding A Professional Bed Bug Exterminator

Finding the correct certified and insured pest control firm to deal with, regardless of the treatment method you choose, can take time. Speaking to a number of pest control professionals and ask specific questions about their experience, processes, success rates and bed bug treatment cost.

Find out when they are available to do the initial treatment and inquire about their practice for follow-up treatment if they are needed before you commit or sign any contract.

Understanding that you will be responsible for preparing the infested room for treatment is another aspect that determines how long it takes to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs can be found in even the tiniest places, such as the joints in your bedside table. Before they can treat the room, your pest control company will give you a checklist of things you need to perform.

bed bug treatment
Bed Bug Control & Treatment

About Apex Pest Control

Apex Pest Control has local pest control experts throughout:

  • Sheffield 
  • Rotherham,
  • Barnsley
  • Leeds

And we quickly, efficiently, and discreetly get rid of your pest problem.

As a pest control company, our goal is to perform what we say we’ll do. For example, if we say we’ll be at your home at a particular hour, we’ll be there on time.

We will complete the work that you have agreed to before we start treatment. Apex values the trust that customers have in our services, and our goal is to treat each client the way we would want to get treated.

If you’re looking for pest control near me, you’ve come to the right place. At Apex Pest Control, we will help you right now. 

We take all major credit and debit cards, making us the most cost-effective option for pest control.

What to do in Case of Bed Bugs Pest Infestation?

Many people choose to treat bed bug problems on their own. While this may work for a short period, bed bugs will frequently resurface, and the infestation will quickly spread.

People often spend as much money on treating bed bugs themselves as they would have if they had called a pest management professional early on after many unsuccessful DIY treatments.

We recommend calling expert pest control companies and getting service quotations.

What Should I Do Before The Pest Control Visit?

Because these bugs are challenging to eradicate, proper bed bug pest control and preparation are critical to the treatment’s success. 

Before the bed bug treatment, you must remove and wash the bed sheets, bedding, and curtains and clear the space beneath the bed.

Additionally, you must clean and vacuum the rooms that will be treated, empty your drawers and wardrobes, and wash all of your clothes. Only after the treatment is finished can you reorganize your wardrobe.

Toys, books, boxes and even furniture must get organized and moved away from the walls to a distance of at least a few inches. To avoid spreading the bed bug problems further, don’t move objects between rooms.

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Popular Questions. How Exterminators Get Rid Of Bed Bugs For Good.

The best bed bug treatment will require a lot of preparation, pinpoint evidence and an experienced bed bug exterminator company like ours. Preparing the premises for bed bug treatment is the first step in elimination.

All fabrics including upholstered furniture and apparel must be washed in hot water and then sealed in plastic bags or containers. To eliminate a hiding spot and provide easy access for our bed bug removal experts, clutter must be cleared.

Depending on the degree of the infestation, bed bug pest control may include heat treatment or only chemical treatments. For more information on the bed bug treatments we provide, give us a call or fill out our contact form on our website page.

Heat treatment will destroy the bugs as soon as they come into contact with the heat. Chemical treatments and gel can take anything from a few hours to many days, depending on when the insects cross into the poison.

Once the infestation has been assessed, our bed bug extermination specialists will be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

Bed bugs are said to have originated thousands of years ago, at the same period as humans. When fully mature, the insects are roughly the size of an apple seed and brown in colour. Nymphs seem transparent when they haven’t eaten in a while and bright red when they have.

Bedbugs are more active at night, and they frequently bite individuals while they sleep. They feed by piercing the skin and sucking human blood using their long beak. The bugs feast themselves for three to ten minutes before crawling away discreetly.

Depending on temperature and humidity, bed bugs can survive for 20 to 400 days without feeding. Adult bed bugs have survived without food for more than 400 days in the laboratory at low temperatures, and older stages of nymphs can survive longer without eating than younger ones.

Bed bugs are little, flat oval insects that grow to be about the size of an apple seed, measuring around 5mm in length. They have a brownish body that changes to a red colour after feeding. Bed bugs prefer the blood of humans and animals, and they are most active at night, making them unpleasant guests on your entire property.

bedbug anatomy

Cimex lectularius is the most frequent bed bug species and common pests in the United Kingdom.

They are related to the Bat Bug and belong to the Cimicidae family. The full bed bug life cycle process can take as little as 5 weeks and as long as 4-6 months.

Blood-sucking bed bugs, both male and female, will feed on blood, get engorged, and fall off the host, although females bite more frequently since they need blood to grow their eggs. A skin infection can be caused by an allergic reaction to a bed bug bite.

They’re becoming more of an issue around the world as people travel for both work and pleasure, increasing their chances of coming across a bed bug infestation and accidentally spreading them.

These pests are also growing more prevalent in student housing, nursing homes, and flats. They have also been discovered in aeroplanes and buses, and once established, they may readily transfer bed bugs to new regions.

In order to ensure that pests are removed from your house, pest technicians perform a specific procedure. They evaluate and examine the infested items and area, apply a treatment plan that may involve professional insecticides, and monitor the situation with follow-up visits if necessary.


A pest control professional will bring in specially designed equipment to increase the temperature in your home in order to kill the bed bugs. At 118°F (48°C), bed bugs and eggs die in 90 minutes, and at 122°F (50°C), they die instantly.

There is no getting around the fact that getting rid of bed bugs is a process. The length of time it takes to exterminate bed bugs is determined by the approach you use, the severity of the infestation, and the treatment’s thoroughness.

A high heat-based bed bug treatment kills bed bugs right away, but there is no residual effect. A chemical bed bug treatment may take a few weeks to complete, but it leaves a residue that protects against bed bug re-infestation.

In determining how long it will take to remove bed bugs, the size and severity of the initial infestation is also a factor. Do not be shocked if it takes at least 4-6 weeks from the moment you discover you have bed bugs to sleeping well again.

Bed bugs are opportunistic travellers, according to pest control specialists. These insects will take any opportunity to enter your home or place of business.

Preventing them from catching a ride on your clothing or in your luggage is the simplest approach to secure your business or home.

Bed bugs can enter your company or home in a variety of ways, including coming back with you when you return from a trip. Here is some bed bug prevention advice from an exterminator:

  • Check the luggage rack in a hotel to see if any bed bugs have made it their temporary home. You can peek inside the rack if the legs are hollow. Check where the supporting straps connect the frame as well.
  • Check for bed bug indicators on all of the furniture you buy, especially second-hand ones. Look in the spaces between the cushions and along any fluting to be sure. Check the joints as well, particularly where the back or legs meet the seat.
  • Protect your mattresses and box springs with layers of padding. Light-coloured covers protect your mattress while also making bed insect indications easier to see.
  • To pick up stray bed bugs, vacuum frequently. To avoid an infestation, dispose of the vacuum bag as soon as possible.
  • After visiting high-traffic venues such as movie theatres, arenas, or any other location where a bed bug might have hitched a ride, check your clothing.
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