Commercial Pest Control

APEX Pest Control brings over 30 Years experience of running commercial pest control contracts for business premises from small shops to national companies.

business pest control

The Importance of Commercial Pest Control

What Can You Expect from Apex Pest Control


Our business accounts are available 7 days a week with a response within 24hrs – or the same day!

We have been looking after commercial businesses including food production and storage areas, factories, farms, local authorities, schools, shops, takeaways, restaurants etc. for nearly 30 years. All our contracts are designed to suit each individual business.

We cover each business 7 days a week and try to respond to each problem the same day or within a 24-hour period.

Our contracts for your business will start with Apex Services carrying out a survey of your site to ascertain any problems on site, risk assessments etc. How things can be improved on site from a pest control perspective. 

Bait stations that are required inside and outside, where they need to be placed. Number of visits required over the 12-month period. The type of contract required which may be rats and mice only or may be more involved and require electronic fly killers, insect monitoring and treatments, moth traps etc.

We deal with all types of pests including:

Once we have agreed with your Company a Commercial pest control Contract, we will place all our bait stations and monitoring traps in place around your premises. These will then be left in place between 7-14 days before we carry out our first visit of our contract to allow a period time of monitoring activity.

After we have carried out our first visit and all further visits a full report will be made out and placed in our folder for your inspection along with all data sheets and risk assessments.

During the period of any of our contracts, if any problems are found in-between scheduled visits we will carry out emergency visits included in our contract service.

Many of our business pest control contracts have continued to use our services for many years. We pride ourselves on delivering first-class service as stated in our contract to your company.

We give competitive quotes, our all-round quality service, may not be the lowest-priced commercial pest control you may receive in a quote, However. we will certainly be the most reliable to remove and manage your pest problem, and we are not the most expensive. We guarantee not to be beaten on delivering a fast, reliable and effective service for your commercial Pest Control Contract.

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