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Most frequent questions and answers

We cover the following areas:

If you are unsure that we cover your area please call 0114 2401098

We offer an affordable solution to your pest control problem. Our rates will vary and we need to survey and assess the size of your situation to provide you with a actual quote. 

Typically household pests such as mice will be anywhere from £110 for two visits.. Please ask for a quote to attain a real price or visit our Prices pest control guide.

The truth is that it’s not straightforward to say precisely how long it will take to remove all of the rats from a building, and in some cases is easier than others. If there are a small number of rats in the building, then it can be dealt with within a week or two.

However, for larger infestations and bigger buildings, then it can take significantly longer to remove all the rats completely. For an assessment and free quote call a pest control expert at Apex pest control.

You can get more info at our rat control page.

We work 7 days a week to combat pest control problems. If your situation is urgent our pest controllers will prioritise your job and come as quickly as possible. Please note that some pests take longer to eradicate than others, as every situation is unique. 


If you are not sure how to get rid of cockroaches you’re not alone. Cockroaches are one of the most popular household pests around world.

  1. Find problem areas with a torch and glue strips.

  2. Use caulk to seal gaps and prevent further infestation.

  3. Place gel bait stations to reduce the cockroach population

  4. Boric acid powder for extra effectiveness

  5. Call Pest Management Professional on 0114 2491098

For more details on cockroaches visit our cockroach control page.

I would say that there are over 90% possibility to have more bed bugs in your place.

You didn’t have any bites yet, but more than 30% of people didn’t show any symptoms of bedbug bites. That is why the presence of bites is not a clear indication of a bedbug infestation. Only finding the real bedbug, larvae or eggs is the way to know are they around or not.

This bug could be a new arrival, could be sleeping for the last 6 or more months somewhere in the furniture, or they could be many more bedbugs in your room.

For more information on bed bugs visit our bed bug control page.

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