Coronavirus Sterile Cleaning Service

Coronavirus sterile cleaning service
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Coronavirus Sterile cleaning service


As the novel COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread throughout Yorkshire, UK, Europe and the rest of the world, it’s becoming more and more important to take steps to safeguard the people who visit your business, office or any other institution that’s open to the public.


At Apex Pest Control Services, we offer coronavirus sterile cleaning services in Sheffield and the surrounding areas to help cleanliness & control the spread of this infection. Learn more about why coronavirus cleaning services are so essential below.


Why Are Sterilisation And Cleaning So Important?


The primary reason that sterilisation and cleaning of buildings are important is to lessen the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. To ensure that our healthcare system is not overwhelmed by a critical amount of cases, it’s essential to “flatten the curve.”

Coronavirus sterile cleaning service

What this means is that huge steps have to get taken to quarantine affected individuals, maintain “social distancing” to prevent spread between people who are not showing symptoms and to clean and disinfect areas that remain open, and could present an infection hazard.

By reducing the number of infected individuals as much as possible, we can ensure that those in critical condition can get the medical attention they need to make a full recovery.

Businesses and public-facing services will need contamination control designed to help maintain a controlled environment routinely. Cleanliness is vital. However, sterile cleans are the only way to ensure the crucial removal of viruses.

Controlled environment routine clean requires an inspection audit. First, this allows for the best possible experience and deep cleaning needed to protect staff and shield customers from exposure.

How Long Does Coronavirus Last On Surfaces?


Coronavirus sterile cleaning services

Longer than you may think! Coronavirus has been shown to remain virulent and infections for up to 24 hours on cardboard, and up to 2-3 days on nonporous surfaces like plastic and stainless steel. It can also stay infectious while aerosolised (in the air) for up to 3 hours.


For this reason, all institutions open to the public need to disinfect and sanitise common surfaces regularly. With coronavirus sterile cleaning services, we can deactivate the virus on countertops, floors, door handles, and all other surfaces that may be periodically touched by individuals.


We Can Sterilise Institutions Of Any Size For Coronavirus


If your office, business or other institution is still open during the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s essential to take every step you can to prevent its spread.

We offer sterilisation and cleaning services for institutions of all types and sizes – from doctors’ offices to surgical and medical centres, to schools, child care centres, workplaces, and even grocery stores and other institutions that remain open in the UK. We will clean, disinfect and sanitise your surfaces to remove COVID-19 coronavirus, influenza, and all other infectious viruses and bacteria.


With our services, you can do your part to protect your customers, staff, and the health of the public at large. You can maintain a more healthy environment for the people, and do your part to fight back against the spread of this dangerous new virus.


At Apex Pest Control, our COVID-19 antivirus cleaning service offers attention to detail for the best quality disinfection clean. Using the PX-ULV Disinfectant; this is effective against the coronavirus and approved for use in the UK by the HSE and NHS.

Contact Us Now To Schedule Your Coronavirus Sterile Cleaning Service Appointment


If you would like highly trained staff to carry out decontamination cleans or a sterile, cleaning service to give you the best environment Call us Today on 0114 3491098.

The time to act is now. The sooner we begin taking COVID-19 coronavirus seriously, the better our public health outcomes will be. Contact Apex Pest Control now to learn more, and to schedule a consultation with one of our cleaning technicians.

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