Do Natural Predators Drive Rats Into My Home

Do predators drive rats into our homes
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Whenever a pest makes its way into your home, our team springs into action, providing effective management and prevention services to rid you of your problem. Although we aren’t a 24-hour business, we still strive to be with you and overcome your infestation as fast as we can. As one of the most excellent companies working in rat control Sheffield has to offer, we are the people to rely on if you discover any pests trespassing.

How long does a rat live might you ask? Well, before we can give a definitive answer, it’s imperative that you understand the difference between your domesticated pet rats and those found in the wild. There’s a wide assortment of characteristics and factors that influence a wild rat’s lifespan in comparison to the tamed pets. Because life for a wild rat is so bitter, the average lifespan is typically one to two years.

There are numerous reasons as to why a rat’s life is so short. To begin with, they are prime targets for their predators, which include cats, foxes, owls, and hawks. Furthermore, it’s very hazardous for them to live in busy locales that have countless people and vehicles moving around every day.

This would explain why they tend to invade our houses and turn into a major inconvenience for us. Your property is the perfect spot for rats, given their endless journey to acquire shelter, water, and food while outdoors. Not to mention, the structure is an almost complete defence against their predators.

At APEX Pest Control, in addition to rats, we also have experience in dealing with the likes of beetles, ants, bedbugs, rabbits, and many other pests. With a service that is tailored to your unique situation, you can be confident that our team shall see to any requirements that you have.

If there’s something we can do for you, please get in touch. We are the best for rat control Sheffield has because we have extensive knowledge to call on and will provide the right solution to suit any needs.

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