How Squirrels are a Bigger Threat than you think?

How Squirrels are a Bigger Threat than you think
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When there’s pest related trouble afoot, our team responds quickly and works to rid you of your problems in an efficient manner. Having dealt with a wide variety of animals in the past, including, but not limited to rats, flies, beetles, squirrels, ants, and wasps, we believe ourselves to be the ones most qualified for the job. As one of the most talented companies for pest control Sheffield has available, we are the people to call when you need help fast.

If there’s one pest-induced type of damage that’s bad for a building, it’s the kind that has been caused by a squirrel. There’s hardly ever a time when this creature isn’t chewing something. This is because the squirrel’s teeth continuously grow, necessitating the need for them to trim and sharpen them whenever possible. It is for this reason why we typically see them gnawing wood items.

Should a squirrel infestation exist in your property, however, there are all sorts of damage they can cause. Included on the list are wooden beams and even electric wires. If these beams are permitted to collapse, then entire walls or even the roof could come down. With electrical cables, the damage to the protective covering could result in a fire. For these reasons, in addition to a multitude of others, it’s crucial that early prevention takes place.

To determine whether you have a squirrel-related problem on your hands, you should be on the lookout for the following signs. Rustling, chewing, and scratching sounds from the attics and walls are highly familiar with squirrels and tend to be heard on mornings and evenings. If squirrels are common in your area observe them and see if they go through the chimney or into the attic.

At APEX Pest Control, we tailor our services so that they suit your distinct specifications. No matter the source of your woes, we shall see to it that all the pests are managed in the appropriate ways, leaving your premises pest-free once again.

If you suspect that individual animals have taken up residence in your building, contact us immediately. We will provide pest control Sheffield based property owners, and tenants can always rely on.

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