How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

how to get rid of cockroaches
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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Yorkshire, UK: Pest Control Secrets from the Pros


Nothing quite compares to the deep sense of disgust and dread that emerges when we see a cockroach scurry across the table or floor. This is because anyone who has faced a cockroach infestation knows that one cockroach may very well be a sign of a much larger problem.

These stealthy and persistent pests mature quickly and multiply at a swift pace. A single solitary cockroach egg case can contain up to 40 individual eggs, all of which will reach sexual maturity in as little as 10 weeks. So you can see how one cockroach can quickly multiply into a nightmare-inducing situation.

To eliminate the roach threat, it’s essential to kill cockroaches in its early stages, and it’s best to act quickly at the first sign of an invasion. In this guide, how to get rid of cockroach, you’ll learn how to identify a cockroach problem, about common cockroach FAQs we hear from those impacted, and about the best methods of cockroach control.

Don’t Wait to Get Professional Help in Roach Control.

cockroach pest control how to get rid


While DIY and preventative measures can help, even splashing down boric acid cockroaches are notoriously difficult to rid of roaches. As such it is always advisable to reach out for professional assistance at the first signs of trouble in killing cockroaches before a small number of intruders turns into an outright uncontrollable infestation.

At Apex pest control, we proudly serve the Yorkshire from Sheffield to Leeds, UK communities. Helping home and business owners rid of roaches to prevent and eliminate cockroach infestations quickly, safely and reliably.

Contact us or reach out today for a free quote.  And find out why so many Yorkshire residents put their trust in us to keep their homes, businesses and families safe from bugs and pests.

Identifying Which Type of Cockroach


There are 4 significant types of cockroach species generally seen in the Yorkshire area:

  • German cockroach
  • Oriental cockroach
  • American cockroach
  • Banded cockroach

The two most common types are German and Oriental cockroaches.

German roaches are 12 to 16mm long, light or dark brown, and feature two black stripes down their long wings. They prefer dark areas and are speedy runners, often seeking out a dark corner as soon as the lights get turned on them.

German cockroaches thrive best in warm areas with abundant food sources, such as homes and restaurants. Their speed often makes them difficult to spot until a full-blown infestation is already well underway.

The Oriental cockroach can be as long as 22 to 30mm. The insect is often shiny black or brown and are slower than the German counterparts. They can also emit a musty odour. The Oriental roaches prefer dark, damp areas like basements drains, garden sheds, and sewers. Their egg sacks are dark brown and 8-10mm long.

The less common American roach is a reddish-brown with a yellow figure eight on the backs of their heads while the banded cockroach has pronounced banding across their wings. Banded cockroaches prefer warm and dry locations while American cockroach prefers damp areas around drainage pipes and basements.

Here is a quick video to watch if you are in a rush

How Long do Cockroaches Live?


The German cockroach can live up to 100 days where the Oriental roach has a slightly longer lifespan of up to 180 days. Female cockroaches can produce 4 to 8 egg cases in their life, each containing 16 to 40 eggs.

The reason a Cockroach Invasion Should be Taken Seriously


In addition to the general ickiness like having bed bugs in your home or business, cockroaches can pose a severe health risk. It’s known roaches carry diseases such as Gastroenteritis, Dysentery, and Salmonella.

As a business owner, a customer or client spotting a cockroach on your property could also result in a damaging review or blow to your reputation!

How do I Prevent Cockroaches?


2016 cockroach statistics BPCA

Statistics from BPCA for cockroach call-outs by region


Keeping your home or business cleaned and sealed from the outside are your two best lines of defence against roach control. Don’t leave food or rubbish bins uncovered and try not to leave dirty dishes in the sink as roaches also need water sources. Keep countertops and floors clean at all times, while paying extra attention to food crumbs or food residue, as these are everyday roach favourites.

In addition to keeping things clean and tidy, make sure to keep up on your home repairs. Gaps around doors and windows can provide a space for critters to scurry in from the cold. Leaky sinks can also be inviting for damp loving insects such as oriental cockroach.

How Do I Get Rid of Cockroaches in My Home or Business?


Eliminating a cockroach infestation on your own is notoriously tricky. This is because roaches often nest in areas that are difficult to see with the naked eye hiding in cracks and crevices. Many over the counter products such as sticky traps and roach hotels may be useful for determining you have a problem. But do very little as far as a long term solution professional bait stations are required.

Some store-bought insecticides may be more effective if applied thoroughly and in the correct areas. But may also be harmful to children and pets, so be sure to read the instructions carefully before use.

All in all, it may be best to skip the time and money you will spend on DIY treatments and call the pros right away. After all, it’s worth the peace of mind using a pro cockroach killer knowing the problem has got eliminated.

What do Pest Control Services do for Cockroaches?


A professional pest controller is your best option when it comes to eliminating a roach problem. After all, even if you manage to kill a few bugs with store-bought traps and poisons, the likelihood of finding all their hidden nests and eggs is slim. If even one egg casing survives, you’ll be facing another invasion down the road.

A professional cockroach control service is trained to root out all the possible nesting areas with a full site inspection and then will usually use a combination of residual insecticides, hormonal gels, heat, and freeze treatments to eradicate all nests. Also, a professional roaches killer will get rid of roaches and help monitor and inspect your area after treatment. The follow-up visit is to assure the treatment was effective, helping prevent re-infestation.

How Much Does a Cockroach Exterminator Cost?


Prices in Yorkshire, UK can vary due to the extent of the infestation, the size or the area infested, and whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential exterminator. However, most quality residential cockroach control starts around £125 for the first treatment.

Apex Cockroach Pest Control Services


For top of the line roach killer services in Yorkshire, look no further than the professionals at Apex Pest Control. Apex has been in the pest industry for over 30 years, helping individuals and companies with remedies to eradicate bugs and roach control quickly and efficiently.

How We Treat & Kill Roaches

roach control how to get rid


Our professional team prioritises safety and discretion when helping you eliminate a cockroach threat. We use a variety of roach baits and tested methods to quickly and effectively eliminate roaches, such as:

  • Gel applications
  • Insecticides
  • ULV applications.

These 3 methods assure that the treatment can fully penetrate any hard to reach areas. Especially in usual places like a kitchen or bathroom and cracks around your house, to stop cockroaches at their source, their nests.

After treatment, we will monitor the area using the latest bait and sticky traps to assure the treatment worked, and no stragglers and dead roaches were left behind.

Pest Control for Cockroaches in Homes


Even the cleanest homes can sometimes fall victim to roach infestations. Chances are, if you see one, you may already have a problem on your hands. Call the professionals at Apex for a free quote on residential pest control and tackle the issue before it has a chance to escalate. 

Pest Control for Cockroaches in Restaurants


It’s extra important to stay on top of pest control in the restaurant industry. After all, your guests expect their food to get prepared in a clean and sanitary kitchen environment. Cockroaches not only pose a health risk, but they could also severely damage your reputation!

At Apex, we’ll help you prevent any cockroach activity before it starts. With methods such as easy seal containers that roaches can’t access, and garbage emptied regularly assuring your business and reputation remain intact.

Local Yorkshire Pest Control Professionals


Despite popular belief, cockroaches aren’t merely the result of unsanitary conditions (though they can attract these pests). These invasive pests can pop up in even the most cleanly of homes and environments, setting up camp in kitchen cabinets and multiplying out of control.

If you suspect that these troublesome insects may impact your home or business, contact the team at Apex Pest Control a call today. Our fast and friendly pest specialists can quickly assess the situation, identify the intruder and provide you with options to safely and efficiently eliminate the problem.

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