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Moles Leeds
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Mole Catcher Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK


Call your Leeds mole catcher for mole control that’s quick and efficient.


Your local Moles may not be the first pest problem that springs to mind. Yet a mole problem is a pressing issue that needs quick and careful treatment by a pest control company, like Apex Pest Control here in Leeds.

A garden Mole is an underground creature that typically prefers to eat the insects’ Larva and Earthworms in your Garden Lawn, on a golf course, rural area or Paddock rather than any plants. However, a Mole (animal) is a great burrower and makes a burrow network across the land, such as an agricultural field.

The mole animal population is high, so the tunnels (Burrow) network covers the large ground. The size of the area is a big part of the issue for the landowner and a Molecatcher.

This means the mole’s tunnels’ network is opened up to even more unwelcome pests like Rodents such as rats. That’s not to mention the other types of pest that can easily make their way through mole tunnels and onto your property.

Therefore, mole catching is crucial, and you need to call in the services of a pest control company, like Apex Pest Control Leeds, immediately for the perfect solution.

Mole catching is crucial.


Pest control

To stop your mole issue in its tracks, you need to call in the services of a pest control company, like Apex Pest Control Leeds, immediately. Call 0113 3904270

We are members of the British Mole Catcher Register.

Why are moles a big problem?


Mole catching

Mole catching must be taken care of by an experienced pest management company. This is because the biggest problem with moles is where they choose to live. They typically live in dark, dry environments. (Urban areas are a great example, which is why you might be surprised to find moles in Yorkshire cities such as Leeds.


Having moles in your garden, they’ll destroy plant roots, bulbs and grass. Their tunnels can collapse and have to get filled in to keep the ground safe for animals and humans.


However, they hunt where the soil is moist and full of worms and grubs, expanding the areas they’re found in. This means you’ll likely find evidence of problem moles across Yorkshire villages close to an urban area, such as Otley, where the mole population spreads over gardens, golf courses, and even caravan parks.

The size of the area moles inhabit is extensive, resulting in mole control services needed across wide areas.


Where might you find moles across Leeds?


Mole catcher

Both homes and businesses may find they need the experience of a mole disposal team. Gardens and land across villages are plagued by moles. They cause not only an unsightly mess, but their burrowing habits result in a lot of damage to areas of your garden, including flower beds and tree roots. Little raised hills are the main way you can identify a traditional mole problem.

We typically help with:

  • Farms
  • Paddocks
  • Schools
  • Golf courses
  • Caravan parks
  • Private gardens

For businesses, the mole population presents additional problems. For example, if you own golf courses, any member will likely be put off by evidence of moles across the grounds. If you manage a caravan park, your guests may be worried by the presence of moles burrowing and feel unsure about damage and hygiene. Traditional mole problem areas are often extensive (as listed above).

Therefore, the areas of Leeds covered by moles can be incredibly off-putting to your customers. Schools are also a key area where you might need to call a mole catcher. Of course, a mole will cause problems to your facility’s gardens and grounds.

Yet the presence of a mole may also be distressing to children. Mole control is an urgent service here. Farms and farmlands are also significant areas where you need mole option services for immediate mole control. A mole can cause significant damage to crops and animals. Therefore, you need a mole catcher who can remove the mole quickly, safely and with expertise.


How do you contact a Leeds mole catcher?


Mole control Leeds

You don’t know what moles are doing underground until it’s too late. So mole catching the moment you notice them is a pressing, necessary issue. And it needs to be solved by a calling a pest control company, like Apex Pest Control Leeds, today.

At Apex Pest Control, we support customers in homes and businesses in Yorkshire towns and villages. We’ve worked with customers across Yorkshire, from Leeds to Otley and surrounding villages. You can find out more about our mole catchers and the areas of Leeds we service on our website.


Apex Pest Control will Stop Your Mole Issue.


For a pest problem of any size, please pick up the phone to our team or browse our pest management services list, including mole catching, via Apex Pest Control Leeds. You’ll also find a list of our prices per service on our website: Our mole control services (domestic) start at just £160 for 3-4 visits using trapping. For commercial enquires please call us for a free quote.

Call Apex Pest Control Leeds and get a mole catcher to solve your problem moles today.

Need mole control Leeds contact Apex on 0113 3904270


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