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Pests, such as fleas, can be a real nuisance for Yorkshire home and business owners, leaving individuals scrambling to find a “pest control company near me” on Google. 

However, when it comes to pest control, hiring the right company for flea fumigation matters. At Apex we’re backed by over 30 years of experience of fumigation for fleas. Also, a lengthy track record of satisfied customers who rely on us day in and day out to keep their properties pest-free.

At Apex We’ve Got You Covered with:

  • Customised and tailor-made solutions for your property
  • Highly trained technicians protecting your home, family and pets
  • Fast same-day service
  • Control tactics and remedies that both eliminate the flea infestation while preventing future occurrences
  • Follow up inspections and treatments
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

At Apex, we pride ourselves on serving the Yorkshire area with flea control and flea removal services that get the job done right. 

As a local business working the same community we live in, we will be on-site fast. Identifying the culprit and working quickly, efficiently and affordably to rid your property of fleas before you know it.

You are protecting your home from these pests inside and out. When fleas need to get given the eviction notice, we’re the local Yorkshire team more business and homeowners trust to send fleas packing for good.

Call today for a free estimate and to learn more about why we’re Yorkshire’s preferred pest control company.

Types of Fleas

Pest Control Company for Fleas: How to Get rid of fleas UK

As a premier pest control services for fleas, we believe that educating our customers is a crucial step in helping them proactively prevent infestations on their own. Saving them time, frustration and money in services pest control fees.

Ctenocephalides Felis, better known as the common flea, is a common yet intrusive pest that can quickly multiply and get out of control if not addressed immediately.

Size: Fleas are small ad wingless, measures around 2.5mm in length and are flattened laterally

Colour: The insect is usually a shade of reddish-brown, covered by microscopic hairs

Insect Behaviour: Despite being “wingless”, fleas are capable of jumping long distances for their small size. The female flea is capable of laying around 18 eggs per DAY with just twenty fleas being capable of generating over 350 eggs per day or 2000 plus eggs per week. As you can imagine, this type of breeding behaviour can quickly spiral out of control, turning a few pesky fleas into a horde of jumping, biting pests within days.

Habitat / Finding a Host: Fleas are what are known as “ectoparasites”. Ecto means “outside”, meaning they live outside of the body of other animals. The pest depends on a readily available source of host blood as their primary food source, allowing them to breed and multiply out of control.

Fleas generally feed as well as lay eggs when their host animal (such as your dog or cat) is sleeping. Because of this, your pet’s preferred sleeping area or resting area where they rest is often a hotbed of infestation.

Spread of Fleas: Pets generally become exposed to fleas when outside of the home. Wildlife such as squirrels, opossums and raccoons are often common carriers of the pest, introducing them to residential areas where pets frequent.

How does Pest Control Get Rid of Fleas?

Because of the pervasive and persistent nature of fleas and their propensity to multiply rapidly out of control, it is advisable to hire the services of a local professional fumigator for fleas pest control company in Yorkshire.

Apex has extensive experience with flea spraying and the prevention and eradication of fleas and can ensure that your pest problem is taken care of quickly and safely.

Pest Control a Flea Infestation Often Involves:

  • Proper assessment of the flea area
  • Identification of the flea species causing the problem
  • Educating the customer on solutions, flea life cycle and habits
  • Inspecting any potential hosts (pets, presence of a bird or rodents.)
  • Preparation for flea treatment
  • Chemical treatment of the property interior
  • Safe treatment of pets
  • Addressing any flea activity outdoors
  • Preventative measures, care and instructions

Treatments May Include:

  • Regular bathing and grooming of pets using best practices
  • Chemical – growth regulators that interrupt the flea’s lifecycle
  • Professional vacuuming and carpet treatment to remove eggs and larvae
  • Safe and effective flea control solutions and gel applications
  • Residual insecticide particularly where the pets frequent when completed, will be followed with a ULV treatment

The house, after treatment, will need to be vacated for a minimum of 1 hour and while treatment is being carried out, the house owner needs to be out of the area of treatment.

Pest Control for Fleas Near Me – a Local Solution to a Serious Pest Problem

At Apex Pest Control we know just how quickly a minor flea annoyance can turn into a severe problem for Yorkshire residents. Fleas are known to bite their hosts as a source of food (including humans, small children and pets like a cat flea), leaving itchy and swollen marks behind.

Fleas are also capable of transmitting numerous diseases and causing allergic reactions. In fact, according to the CDC, the incidence globally of flea-borne illnesses tripled between 2004-2016.

We know how to get rid of fleas in the garden or get rid of fleas in the house.

Signs You May Have a Flea Infestation

Because of their size and nesting habits, pests like fleas can be moderately evasive and sometimes difficult to identify before they get out of control. However, at Apex, we tell customers to keep an eye out for some telltale signs that fleas may be mucking about.

  • Persistent Pet Scratching: If you notice that your pets are grooming and scratching themselves more than usual, this may be indicative of irritation caused by fleabites and activity.
  • Bites: Bites from fleas often present as round-shaped, red bumps on the skin and are sometimes surrounded by a halo shape. Hives and rashes may also be present with those who are allergic.
  • Faeces: Excrement from adult fleas appears similar to coarse ground black pepper.
  • Adult Fleas: Unlike eggs and larva often burrowed in carpet, fur, or bedding, adult fleas are usually easier to spot. At this stage, you can see them jumping around.
  • Eggs, Larvae and Pupae: Although more elusive and generally hidden from plain sight, you may be able to identify them in pet’s bedding. As well as grooves and cracks between flooring, in furniture, in carpets and more.

If any of the above sound familiar, don’t hesitate to reach out for professional flea control, elimination and removal.

Pest Control for Fleas Cost – what to expect

At Apex Pest Control, we believe in providing affordable and reliable pest services for local Yorkshire residents. One question many have is regarding flea pest control is the cost or how much is an exterminator for fleas?.

Because the exact cost of flea control varies based on many factors including:

  • The extent of the infestation
  • How many areas need to be inspected and treated,
  • Also, will flea heat treatment be successful

We offer free estimates. Our transparent pricing means you’ll know exactly what cost to expect, what treatment you’ll get and never any surprise charges for flea control.

What to do After Flea Extermination

  1. Continue with any aftercare instructions left by your pest control specialist.
  2. Keep your home thoroughly cleaned, including regular vacuuming, sweeping and mopping.
  3. Clean upholstery
  4. Regularly clean and treat pet bedding
  5. Be sure to throw away the vacuum bag after each use
  6. Wash pet’s toys

Commercial Pest Control for fleas

commercial pest control

If you suspect flea bites at your premises or had complaints from customers and staff of itching, these are signs of an infestation. The situation will quickly escalate in weeks if action is not taken to stop the pests. These pests can have a devastating effect on your income as lost profits, not to mention your reputation as a business.

A thorough inspection is needed to evaluate and establish:

  • What type of fleas are present
  • The size of infestation
  • Which method will kill the fleas and flea eggs
  • The cost of pest control

We recommend that all work is carried out by registered professional technicians like the ones at Apex pest control. We will give you honest advice and guaranteed standards for commercial pest control. As a pest control company, we do not offer heat treatment for fleas. The cost is expensive for business owners and targeted to a single room. So if you treat a single room, you still have to vacate the premises for a minimum of 24hrs.

We use professional-grade pest methods that services commercial properties. For more details on how Apex commercial pest services will get rid of your pests, contact us today for a free quote.

Send Fleas Packing – Call Apex Today!

At Apex, we have over three decades of experience handling flea infestations quickly, efficiently and safely for you, your family and pets. Including woodworm treatment, bed bugs or bird control, we are experts when it comes to eradicating pests.

If you want residential or commercial services pest control on flea treatment, Call Apex pest control today. We will send one of our talented pest control technicians out fast!

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