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Protect your family or business against potential health issues.
Any area that contains bird droppings potentially carries a health risk and is contaminated. The first part is to remove the bird problem, and the second part is to proof the property and clear the hazardous pigeon droppings and make the location safe.

Bird Deterrent Solutions Successful Pest Management

At some premises, there is a need for ongoing pest management to remove the birds. Such examples may be that a nearby venue or problem outside your control is a food source for the birds. In these scenarios pigeon-proofing, the building is a must to act like a pigeon deterrent to keep the birds away.

Act Now & keep Safe to Stop Pigeon Infestation

Get Professional Help with Apex Pest Control we will provide:

  • Professional bird pest controllers
  • Apex is certified and insured
  • Experienced and local technicians
  • Complete bird removal and clean-up service

Best Pest Control for Pigeons, How we Solve Your Bird Problem

Bird Proofing – there are lots of different types of bird proofing and pigeon deterrents to suit all situations, depending on how we grade the problem from low pressure to heavy pressure systems our options are from:

  • Low-pressure post and spring wire systems
  • Stainless steel spikes
  • Electrical bird deterrent systems.
  • Bird Netting
  • Trapping
  • Shooting

Bird proofing
Bird proofing in large areas by fixing bird netting to the front of the building, which is tensioned. The mesh may come in different colours to suit the building materials. Zips may be placed in the netting if required to allow access for maintenance.

The first method of control is by use of barrier systems such as netting or spikes. However, shooting requires an individual licence for pest controllers. To shoot pest birds is mainly inside factories or buildings where pigeons are roosting and nesting, for example on ledges, girders or windowsills.

Any shooting takes place after dark when the pigeons are roosting and reluctant to fly out of the building. Every shot must meet an ethical code of conduct and limit suffering. After an area gets cleared, the access into the building needs to be proofed to stop further infestation.

The trapping of pigeons generally takes place on top of buildings or in areas pigeons feed regularly. The food source areas will require all food sources eliminating. The cage traps are then placed down and baited for several days with the doors left open.

Once the birds get used to going into the traps to feed the doors are set so that the pigeon can enter traps but not access back through the opening. Water, as well as food, needs to be placed in the trap. Regular visits to the traps need to be carried out every 12-24 hours to remove trapped pigeons.

Trapping may carry on for several days then a period left with the traps not set before re-trapping begins. On problem sites, a 12-month contract may be required to maintain control. Non-target birds caught in the traps can be released unharmed. Large amounts of pigeons may be trapped using this method.

Why use Apex for the Best Pigeon Pest Control?

Risk Assessment for Bird Control at Heights

All bird proofing work is carried out at heights, so a risk assessment needs to be carried out. Access from ladders (as a point of access) mobile elevated platforms or scaffolding may be required. The use of specialised tools and equipment, as well as health-related hazards from bird droppings, need to be considered before work commences.

Are You Ready for Your Free Quote?

Bird control prices vary as the size of every flock of pigeons is different at each location. A survey is required to estimate the actual cost of the sure fire way remove the pigeons, proof the size of the building and clean and sterilise the area.

The points we look at when working out how much pigeon removal costs:

  • Size of pigeon flock
  • Access to building
  • Access to nesting sites
  • Health risks involved
  • Which pest control method will get used
  • Is monthly pest management needed

Every situation is different when dealing with pigeon infestations. We need to assess your pigeon problems first then will work out the costing to remove the pests in the best effective way. For advice and a free quote on pigeon control, contact us today.

Apex Pest Control for Superior & Successful Bird Control

How our reliable services work:

  • Remove the bird problem
  • Chemically treat the area
  • Remove all the bird faeces it is hazardous waste
  • Sterilise the area

If you want to unlock the easy method to eradicate pigeons from your property successfully, we offer a quality and reliable bird control service. To arrange a bird management specialist to take care of your bird problem act fast and contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the pigeon’s droppings produce a source of harmful diseases and pathogens which humans may come into contact with and produce disastrous results. Here is a list of hazards from pigeon and bird droppings:

  • Salmonella
  • Listeria
  • Protozoa
  • Rikkettsiales
  • Ecoli
  • Ornithosis
  • Psittacosis
  • Histoplasmosis

These can be inhaled through dust or by coming into contact with droppings themselves. You should leave the cleaning of the faeces to an environmental cleaning company or take the necessary steps in personal protection from contact with the droppings and discard the waste in line with the latest disposal of waste regulations.

Historically, these birds descended from rock doves, which explain why they often nest on buildings and other structures, usually on ledges, under eaves or on girders.

Nests are constructed of grass and twigs but can also contain rubbish such as pieces of plastic.
The feral pigeon breeding population will get boosted by racing pigeons or escaped birds from domestic pigeon lofts.

The breeding season is between March and July, but feral pigeons are capable of breeding all year round.

To keep pigeons away from your house or building will need no food or water source. The pigeons love to nest behind where the roof meets the chimney stack — alternatively, nest on top of the square guttering box for your fall pipe or perch on window sills.

To keep birds from being a nuisance and cause damage to your property, you will need pigeon barriers and proofing putting in place unless there is a natural predator like a hawk in your area.

Birds, bird nests and eggs are protected by law, and it’s illegal to interfere or destroy them except under licence. Even where the bird removal is licensed, non-lethal methods get considered first, and lots of the killing methods are outlawed. To use Lethal means professional pest controllers that are under exclusive licence should be employed.

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