Pigeon Pest Control

Pigeon Pest Control
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How to Implement Effective Pigeon Pest Control Measures?


Alright, folks, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty world of pigeon pest control. Pigeons, or “rats with wings,” as some cheekily call them, can be a downright nuisance. When their numbers go unchecked, the situation can escalate into a bird infestation. What’s the big deal, you ask?

Pigeon droppings not only make your property look like a crime scene needing cleaning, but they can also be extremely dangerous to your health. Plus, let’s not forget the damage to buildings, particularly roof tiles.

You might love feeding these birds in the park, but trust me, you don’t want them as permanent guests.


Pigeon Characteristics


Pigeon Characteristics


Species on the Spot

Let’s ruffle some feathers and talk about the birds themselves. Pigeons are not all the same – they come in different species, like Rock Pigeons, Homing Pigeons, and the almost mythical Passenger Pigeons.

Home is Where the Nest is

Pigeons love urban areas, perching on buildings and bridges and making nests anywhere they can squeeze into. They’re not picky – commercial properties, your lovely home, they don’t differentiate.

Breeding Like There’s No Tomorrow

Did you know pigeons breed up to 3 times yearly with 1-2 eggs per brood? Before you know it, your attic is like a pigeon’s version of a bustling city.

Hungry for More

Pigeons are real gluttons. They feed on seeds, insects, and food scraps. Basically, your leftovers are their delicacies.


Diseases Spread by Pigeons


Diseases Spread by Pigeons


Here’s where things get sticky. Pigeon droppings, or guano if you want to be fancy, can spread diseases like:

  • Psittacosis
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Salmonellosis.

Not to mention, bird mites, fleas, and other insect pests call pigeons their ride-share.


Droppings and Diseases

Droppings can contaminate areas and become a health hazard. When dried droppings are inhaled or come in contact with your skin – yikes!


Don’t Drop Your Guard


Prevention is the best medicine, right? Regular cleaning and protective gear are your pals here. Think of it as keeping pigeons in check so you don’t check into the hospital.

Pigeon Deterrents

Spikes are the classic “keep out” sign for pigeons. Pigeon spikes are effective and affordable. You can’t go wrong here but don’t expect the pigeons to thank you.

Caught on the Net

Bird netting is another effective way to deter pigeons. It’s like telling them politely, “I’m sorry, but you’re not on the list,” according to your property’s VIP section.

Not Stuck on You

Gels can also be used, but they’re not everyone’s jam. They can be messy and lose effectiveness over time. On the flip side, they’re pretty affordable.

Pigeon Trapping

Cage traps, funnel traps, and automatic traps. With these traps, you can catch pigeons without harming them. The keyword here is humane.

What’s for Dinner?

For trapping to work, you’ve got to lure them in. Corn, bread, seeds – basically a pigeon feast.


The Law and The Claw


The Law and The Claw


Hold your horses! Before you set up your pigeon version of Alcatraz, check local laws. You might need permits or face restrictions on trapping.


Population Management


Modify to Magnify Results

Modifying the habitat of pigeons can deter them. Think less of perching spaces, sealing entries, and keeping your area bird-free.

The Last Resort

Culling is a controversial but sometimes necessary measure. It’s vital to follow ethical and humane practises.


Professional Services


Professional Services


Bird control specialists are like Ghostbusters for pigeons. Professional pest controllers can evaluate your pigeon problems and kick them to the curb. For more on this checkout our pigeon removal article.

Cost and Considerations

Hiring pigeon control services might cost you a pretty penny, but consider it an investment in peace of mind and a pigeon-free property.

What’s Included?

These services typically include inspection, implementation of control methods, and follow-up. In other words, they’ve got you covered.


DIY Methods


DIY Methods


Saving Pennies or Causing Problems?

DIY methods can save you money upfront but be warned – they’re not always effective. You might save now but pay later with recurring pigeon issues.

Common DIY Tricks:

  • Pigeon spikes
  • Bird netting
  • Regular cleaning
  • Sealing entrances
  • Regulations & Laws


The International Bird Law

On the international stage, there’s the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and EU Birds Directive, protecting our feathery friends.


A Country Affair

National laws vary. In the UK, the lethal control (killing) of pigeons, seagulls, and other wild birds in the UK is legislated by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (Chapter 69) effectively reports that it is illegal to kill or injure any wild bird, including pigeons.


The Local Lowdown

Your city might have its own set of rules, like municipal codes. It’s always good to check before you act. Your local pest control company or council will know the legislation for your area.


Wings of Success: Conquering Pigeon Pest Control with Finesse


Want to Know How to Get Rid of Grey Squirrels Call the Professionals for More Tips


Pigeon pest control is not for the birds – it’s a serious business. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your property or keep health risks at bay, remember that knowledge is power. Understanding pigeons, their behaviour and the available control methods is key.

Whether you go the DIY route or call in the cavalry with professional services, it’s imperative to be humane and lawful in your efforts. Here’s to a pigeon-free, peaceful coexistence!




Can pigeon droppings be dangerous?

Absolutely! Pigeon droppings can be a health hazard, carrying diseases and pests.

Are pigeon spikes and bird netting effective?

Yes, they are highly effective in keeping pigeons from perching and nesting on your property.

Is culling pigeons ethical?

It’s a grey area. Culling should be the last resort and should be carried out humanely and ethically.

What is biological pest control and how does it apply to pigeons?

Biological pest control is controlling pests, like pigeons, using other living organisms, like their natural predators. In the context of pigeons, birds of prey can be an effective form of biological control.

What services do bird control companies offer?

Bird control services can include deterrent installations like bird control spikes, pigeon netting, bird-proofing of structures like solar panels, and cleaning services for bird droppings or pigeon guano.

Why should I be concerned about bird droppings?

Bird droppings, particularly pigeon guano, can cause health issues due to the harmful bacteria and fungi they contain. Plus, they can cause property damage and are unsightly.

Can birds and pigeons cause problems beyond just droppings?

Absolutely! Birds and pigeons can cause damage by nesting in unwanted areas, like under solar panels, or by introducing other pests like mites.

How can birds of prey help in pigeon control?

Some pest control companies use trained birds of prey as a natural deterrent for pest birds. Pigeons are naturally afraid of these predators and are likely to avoid areas where they are present.

What are the options if I need birds removed from my property?

Pest control services can offer a range of solutions for bird removal, including trapping and relocation, biological control, and bird proofing to prevent return.

How is pigeon control handled in densely populated areas like London?

In large cities like London, pest control is a critical service. Control methods must balance effectiveness, public safety, and consideration for the natural environment.

Why might I need an expert for pigeon control?

An expert in pest control can assess your situation and provide the most effective and humane solutions. They also ensure that all pest management follows local and national regulations.

What is guano cleaning and why is it important?

Guano cleaning involves the removal and disinfection of areas contaminated by bird droppings. It’s important for maintaining clean and safe environments, as bird droppings can pose health risks.

Can gulls be as much of a problem as pigeons?

Yes, gulls can be a significant issue, particularly in coastal areas. They can be aggressive, noisy, and like pigeons, their droppings can be a problem.

What are heat treatments and are they used in bird control?

Heat treatments are more commonly used in controlling insect pests. They’re not typically used in bird control.

I’ve found a nest on my property. Should it be removed?

If a bird’s nest is causing a problem, professional pest control services can safely remove it. However, it’s important to check local wildlife laws, as some birds are protected, and their nests cannot be disturbed.

I’ve heard of pest birds. What does this term mean?

“Pest birds” refers to bird species that have become a nuisance or pose a risk to human health or property. Common pest birds include pigeons, gulls, and sometimes crows.

What should I look for in a pest control company?

You should look for a company that offers comprehensive pest control services, has positive customer reviews, is fully licenced, and follows best practises in pest management.

What’s involved in pigeon removal?

Pigeon removal typically involves a combination of trapping and relocating pigeons, along with preventative measures like installing spikes or netting to prevent them from returning.

What is the required field expertise for pigeon pest control?

Professionals in pigeon pest control should know biology, especially ornithology, be trained in the various control methods and be well-versed in the laws and regulations concerning wildlife control.

How can I rid my property of pigeons effectively?

To get rid of pigeons, combine several methods such as installing deterrents, sealing off nesting sites, and seeking the help of bird control services. Regular maintenance is also key.

How does risk management factor into pigeon control?

Risk management in pigeon control involves assessing the potential health risks and property damage caused by pigeons and implementing strategies to mitigate these risks effectively.

Is there a way to protect my solar panels from birds?

Yes, solar panel bird proofing is a service offered by many pest control companies. It typically involves installing a mesh or netting around the solar panels to prevent birds from nesting underneath.

How can pigeon control contribute to protecting the natural environment?

By managing pigeon populations, we can reduce their impact on native bird species and the local ecosystem. It’s important to use methods that are environmentally responsible and humane.


If in Doubt, Call Your Local Pest Company


When you’re dealing with a few pigeons looking to roost at your property, some DIY methods will deter them. However, if no bird prevention is used a pigeon infestation will soon get out of control.

That’s when it’s best to seek professional help, not only for the prevention, but pest treatments inline with local law for bird control. Also, the clean up and sterilisation of the area to remove contamination the flock of pigeons left behind.

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