Expert Rat Pest Control & Prevention to Help Safeguard Your Property

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Reliable Rat Pest Control Services


There’s nothing quite as unnerving as knowing that rats have invaded your home or business. These furry pests can cause extensive damage and pose a severe health hazard for those on the premises.

Don’t let rats cause you to lose sleep at night. Hire a professional rat pest control service and rest easy knowing these unwanted guests will be getting a permanent eviction notice.

With over 30 years of experience dealing with pests and infestations big and small, simple and complex, our team has the knowledge and tools to get the job done right. Call today for a free estimate and to get the help you need.

Our friendly staff is standing by and eager to learn how we can assist with treatment and services.

Professional Rat Exterminator Services you can Count on!


Do you have a suspected rat infestation in your home or commercial property? Unfortunately, this is a relatively common problem. It is estimated that there are currently over 15 million brown rats in the UK, with this number steadily increasing due to milder winters in recent years.

But how do you know if you have a rat infestation and are there signs you can watch out for so you can address any issues with rodents before they get out of hand?

Signs of a Rat Infestation Noises and Sound

rat pest control - rats in kitchen
Rat pest control by Apex pest control is the treatment and proofing service for a rat infestation by a professional pest control company.


One of the first signs of a rat problem in your home or business is the sound of scuttling coming from floorboards or cavity walls. You may also hear them scratching and gnawing their teeth. Rats are nocturnal animals, so they tend to be much more active at night.

Businesses that operate during day time hours regularly don’t realise they have a rat infestation until the problem has significantly progressed.


Another universal identifier of a rat infestation is droppings. These are usually dark in colour and pellet-shaped, like a large grain of rice. Mouse droppings can appear to be similar, but are generally much smaller in size and tend to have pointy, less rounded ends.

Rats tend to use the same spot for defecating and can leave up to 40 droppings in 24 hours.

Damaged or Chewed on Food Items, Packaging and More

Rats are notorious for the damage they cause to structures as well as food and packaging. A common indication of an infestation is the presence of torn or chewed food packaging on countertops or in cupboards, as well as gnaw marks on solid materials, wires and piping around the property.

Smear Marks or Residue

A visual clue many homes and business owners miss is ‘smear marks’, a greasy residue left by a rat’s body along with areas where they frequently pass by. Rats have relatively poor eyesight and cannot see more than a few feet ahead.

Because of this, they stick to familiar channels and trails within a property, rubbing their bodies alongside walls to help guide their way.

Other Visual Indicators

In some cases, it may be possible to see footprints and tail marks in particularly dusty areas of a property. And of course, visually seeing the vermin itself is a no-brainer. If there is one rat in the house, you can be sure there are more.

When is Your Property at Higher Risk?


Rats can invade a property at any time of year. However, it is much more common during the autumn. During the summer months, rats can live comfortably outside in the warmer temperatures, with plenty of vegetation to sustain themselves and thick foliage to hide in.

As the weather turns colder and the harvest season passes, rats tend to head into more urban areas in search of food and shelter.

How do Rats Enter Buildings?


Rats only need a gap of around 15mm to gain entry to a building. These types of holes are likely to exist around pipes, air vents, and windows, and are usually on the lower levels of a property. However, rats are also adept climbers so that they may be gaining entry on the upper levels of a building as well.

Our rat control service can help you identify these points of entry and seal them off so that once the rat infestation is dealt with, the problem doesn’t return.

How to Stop a Rat Infestation


Although there are some “DIY” options to assist with rat control, due to the fast reproductive lifecycles of these pests, infestations can quickly get out of control. The best solution is to hire a

professional rat removal with the tools, resources, and understanding of how to best tackle the challenge at hand.

At Apex Pest Control, we employ industry-leading, cutting edge rat removal, termination, and prevention techniques that are both safe and effective.

Our professional rat control service employs tried and tested methods to ensure that your problem is dealt quickly and effectively while preventing further infestations. Hence, you have peace of mind knowing that your property will be safe and free of vermin.

How Does Our Rat Control Service Work?


When you contact Apex Pest Control, our friendly staff will take down the details of your situation and may ask you some questions to gain as much information as possible about what’s going on.

They will then schedule an on-site appointment at your convenience to physically assess the problem and begin the rat removal process. Apex’s rat exterminator will explain the rat treatment and poison for rats used, so you understand the control treatment services in and around your home.

Our Reliable and Effective Process Survey and Reconnaissance


First, we survey the building. We thoroughly inspect the interior, exterior and the immediate surrounding area for any signs of rat infestation. The inspection will include droppings, which can indicate the size of the rats. As well as any nesting sites or damage that has been caused by the animals.

Identification of Entry Points

During this step, we identify any points of entry and exit that the rats may be using. Rats often use channels such as sewer, drain, drainpipes and air vents to enter and leave the building.

We locate these points of entry and proofing to seal and block them to prevent further entry.

Rat Traps or Bait Stations

Our professional rat exterminators will place traps or bait stations based on:

  • Customer preference
  • Agreed-upon methods of extermination.

We also ensure any traps or bait stations are safely out of the way of children and pets when poisoning rats.

Although no one wants to kill any living thing unless necessary, traditional rat traps are often ineffective in combating a rat infestation because of the health hazard risk to you, your family and pets. As well as the risk of structural damage and the extent of the infestation, we may recommend rodenticide.

Follow Up

After 5-7 days, our pest technician will return for a follow-up visit. They will re-inspect the home or building, checking all baiting areas, and will remove any dead rodents.

Will Apex Pest Control Get Rid of my Rat Infestation?

rat pest control - rat removal
Rat pest control by Apex pest control is the treatment and proofing service for a rat infestation by professional pest control company.


We wouldn’t’ be in business if we didn’t get rid of rats. At Apex, we ensure that all rats are exterminated and removed from your property as well as putting in place preventative measures to deter future rodent infestations.

Guaranteed rat services

From the date of our last visit, we provide a 30-day guarantee that any further signs of infestation will be re-treated free of charge. To ensure that we give the best and most effective service possible, the same Pest Control Operator will visit your home or premises for each visit. The operator will provide a full report after each visit so that you informed during the process.

Our pest control team is fully certified and has over 30 years of experience, so you know your pest control problem is in safe hands. We offer a tailored treatment and solution-based precisely on your needs.

Apex Pest Controllers are fully insured, NPTA certified and are available seven days per week. We make the process as smooth and as simple as possible so that you can put a stop to your rat infestation and resume your normal activities.

Our Rat Exterminators:

·     Arrive on time for appointments

·     Are courteous and professional

·     Will ensure the safety of all people and pets in the area

·     Are all highly skilled and experienced

·     Will go over all extermination options with you and find a solution that you’re comfortable with

How Much Does Rat Pest Control Cost?


The average price for our rat control service is £110. This includes two visits, one to fully assess the situation and begin the rat extermination process, plus a follow-up visit seven days later.

While this is usually enough to deal with the problem, some situations may require additional visits. After the first two visits, other visits will get charged at £35.

We take pride in our work and back our pest control service with generous guarantees that make sure you’re always well taken care of. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Please call us today for professional pest rat treatment on 0114 3491098.

Why You Need to Deal with your Rat Infestation Immediately


Unfortunately, rats pose a significant threat to personal and public health. Rats spread their scent and mark their territory by urinating as they move around.

Around 50% of rats in the UK carry deadly leptospirosis (known as Weil’s disease). They also are known to be common carriers of several other dangerous diseases and viruses, including:

  • Salmonella
  • Listeria
  • Hantavirus
  • Toxoplasma Gondi

These diseases have a high transfer rate to humans through a rat’s urine and their bodies coming into contact with food preparation areas.

Rats like the brown rat don’t just pose a danger to humans through the spread of disease; they also have the potential to damage buildings and personal property.

A rat’s teeth are continually growing, and to grind them down, they consistently gnaw through any material they can find.

Typical targets for gnawing rats include things like cinderblocks, glass, wood, plastic and metal. They are also known to chew through electrical cables which can present a considerable fire risk, as well as gas and water pipes which can then rupture and cause massive scale damage.

Apex Local Pest Control in Yorkshire


If you have an infestation or have seen a rat in the house or your commercial property, it is essential to act quickly before an outbreak gets out of hand.

Speak to our team today about advice, treatment and services by calling or emailing



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