Turf Care and Maintenance

turf care and maintenance Moles
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Turf Care and Maintenance

For any person who loves their lawns, having a Mole take up residence is one of the most destructive things that can happen.

The Mole is there because the care you take with your lawn produces a wealth of worms and other soil invertebrates beneath the surface, which the Mole feeds on. Once the Mole has got established large numbers of Molehills can become evident and the homeowner can be of the impression he has an army of Moles when in fact apart from the breeding season in springtime they are solitary animals.

Control Methods

There is two main methods of control, trapping and gassing using Aluminium Phosphate. We find gassing a bit hit and miss depending on soil type, so our main method of attack is trapping.

We use 4 types of traps to help outsmart the Mole and to suit every situation, these include Duffus or (barrel trap) Scissor Trap, Talpex and Putange Traps; these are set in the Mole runs. We inspect the traps a minimum of every 24 hours but if possible twice and leave the traps in place until the Mole or Moles are removed.

After this time no more Mole hills should appear, if however within 14 days any fresh signs are found we will re-treat the lawn free of charge.

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