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Wasp Nest Removal Barnsley: Simple (And Essential) Safety Measures


The arrival of warm weather marks the emergence of wasps and other pesky pests. Hence, it is quite natural for you to spot a wasp nest in your home or garden.

Although this emergence is not news, it’s of utmost importance to make informed decisions for wasps nest removal.

Wasps usually remain in their little world, minding their own business, unless meddled with. 

Once alerted, wasps can grow aggressive, attacking anyone entering into their territory, and sting multiple times.

Consequently, removing wasps’ nests without professional care is playing with fire.

This is one of the reasons we advise our clients on the best solutions and continue helping them with wasps nest removal in Barnsley, ensuring safety and timely operation.

Therefore in this blog, we are going to educate you on some essential dos and don’ts once you discover a nest, what are some common myths, the best solution for wasp nest removal and ways to prevent the same.

So without further ado, let’s explore.

Common Wasp Nest Removal Myths

You Can Destroy a Wasp Nest at Night


Many homeowners try to get rid of wasp nests at night, assuming it is an effective way. 

While there’s no denying the fact that wasps retire to their homes at dusk and stay there the entire night; that’s not the complete story.

Using bright lights or any other shiny object can alert the wasps and make them grow aggressive within the blink of an eye.

Often, it results in a swarm of wasps attacking the person until they feel safe again.

Therefore, this is not the best method to get rid of a wasp nest.

Wasp Stings are Harmless


Wasp stings are different from that of bees’. Wasps inject venom into the skin when they sting. Moreover, wasps can sting multiple times after their first attack, while bees sting only once. 

To put it plainly: wasp sting is painful and very irritating. 

Although rare, wasp stings can prove to be fatal, especially when you are allergic to stings.

What’s more critical is – an allergy to stings can be acquired, even if you never had them before.

Therefore, it is in your and your family’s best interest to stay at a safe distance from the nests.

Lastly, the wasp sting can be extremely dangerous, and one should not neglect them.

Feigned Nest Keep Wasps at Bay


It is said that if you put artificial nests in your garden or at home, you can keep wasps at bay. 

This remedy sprouts from the assumption that wasps do not build nests in the immediate vicinity.

That’s not true since some experts have observed wasp nests right next to each other.

Moreover, for this method to work, artificial nests have to be placed in a dozen places, including places of potential nest production like the attic, garage, eaves and the like. 

Some of these places can be hard to reach for accommodating an artificial nest.

Now that we have burst some common myths relating to wasp nest removal let’s look at some essential dos and don’ts.


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Essential Do’s and Don’ts of Wasp Nest Removal


Once a wasp nest is discovered, you might find yourself pondering over the idea of removing it yourself.

The truth is: not only does that situation threaten your safety but can put your property at risk too.

Therefore, professionals highly advise against it; but, don’t fret, below mentioned are the essential safety measures you must know of.

What Can You Do?

Contact a Professional


Regarding all the safety concerns, it is highly recommended to seek professional help in eradicating wasp nests from your home.

With our wasp nest removal services in Barnsley, including other areas, we help our clients remove wasp nests in the most systematic and timely manner.

We do this day in and out, hence, are accustomed to treating and removing a wasp nest.

Ask for Expert Advice


Once you spot a wasp nest in your home or suspect it may be hidden at someplace, it is wise to seek expert advice.

Not only will you get a viable solution, but you will also save yourself from trouble and potential damage.

Many people try DIY methods that, most of the time, do not land the desired results. 

Not only taking matters into your own hands is a very risky affair, but it could also put your neighbour, family, kids and pets at risk as well.

Again, it is best to leave the crucial decision – how to remove wasp nests without getting stung – to the professionals. 

Approach the Nest With Protective Gear


Drastic times call for drastic measures and if you ever find yourself approaching the nest, ensure your safety by wearing appropriate gear and have an exit strategy too.

Wasps sting can be quite traumatising. 

Professionals always wear safety gear while carrying out the process of wasp nest removal, putting themselves in a safe position where there is absolutely no threat of getting stung.


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What Must Not Be Done?


Now let’s look at some methods that should not be followed under any circumstances:

Attempt to Burning the Nest


Are you aware that wasp nests are highly flammable?

That’s correct, and they are made by wasps chewing the wood and producing the nests, resulting in a flammable outcome.

This should give you a fair idea of how burning the wasps’ nest could backfire.

Indeed, this method will not kill all the wasps and the remaining offensive wasps will attack.

Moreover, if your nest is attached to a tree or a wall, they too could catch fire, leading severe damage to your property.

Attempt to Drowning the Nest


Similar to the fire situation, drowning the wasp nest is also not going to kill any/all of the beetles inside it.

Doing so will only trigger the offensive behaviour of wasps, which is unlikely to end in any favourable condition.

Spraying water or drowning the nest are observed as practical methods, but as a matter of fact, this will do more harm than good.

The said method also has the potential to damage your property, especially smaller spaces like the attic where water can ruin ceiling plasterboards and attic beams.

Attempt to Striking the Nest


Hitting the wasp nest in an attempt to make wasps go away is not a smart idea either.

Using any hard object such as a baseball bat indicates one is on dangerous ground.

This way, the wasps will not get scared, instead, will become aggressive and attack. Therefore, it is highly advisable not to get too close to the nest and leave the work to professionals.

Don’t Try to Catch it or Wrap it:


Lastly, attempting to catch the nest or wrapping it in a bag isn’t ideal either. Once escaped, the offensive wasps will leave no stone unturned to attack the person, making fewer chances of escaping.

Stay at a safe distance from wasps at all times and call for professional help as and when required.

By carrying out any of the above-said activities, you are putting yourself at potential risk because even after you happen to destroy the nest, wasps can fly away and build another. 

The newly built nest could go unnoticed, resulting in accidental interaction with it.

Now, let us unleash the bright side: how to prevent wasp nests and the best solution for wasp nest removal without getting stung.

How to Prevent Wasp Nests?


  1. Seal all the potential entry points and regularly maintain your home and garden
  2. Bins can attract wasps more than anything else. Ensure you are keeping them clean always and at a distance from doors and windows.
  3. You can use peppermint oil or plant peppermint to repel wasps.
  4. Instal fly screens on openings such as windows and doors to keep wasps at bay.

Let us now understand what the best way of getting rid of wasp nests is.


Best Method of Wasp Nest Removal


wasp nest removal barnsley - apex pest control.

To get rid of the wasps’ nest without being stung, it is highly recommended to seek professional help.

Our clients boast of wasp-free summers after our wasps’ nest removal in Barnsley. The team of our technicians are trained to deal with all types of wasps and use only the best-in-class, environment-friendly products.

Along with wearing protective gear, we take every possible measure to keep you, your family and pets at a safe distance at all times of the operation.

Our paramount priority is your safety. Let us help you get rid of pesky invaders.

Wasp Nest Removal, Barnsley


The veterans at Apex Pest Control have delivered impeccable services for years, eliminating all pest issues while keeping the bar of customer satisfaction high.

Give us a call to get rid of all your pest problems, including wasp nest removal, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK. 

Get your home free of wasps all summer long, and keep yourself and your family on safe ground.

Have any other questions? Contact us now on 01226 397691.


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