Wasp Nest Removal What You need to know

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Wasp Nest Removal & What you Should to know

Apex Pest Control explains about Wasp Nest Removal Near You.


As soon as warmer months come around, wasp nests emerge out of nowhere. They appear both indoors and outdoors, and their population grows bigger every day. On average, about 5000 adult wasps are living in one single nest during the summer. All in all, there are a lot of wasps in this world, and they can cause severe problems for humans.

That being said — removing wasps is the easiest it’s ever been today. Many pest control companies successfully deal with wasps, without doing any damage to the client’s home or health.

One such company is Apex Pest Control. Apex is a local family-run pest control company based in Sheffield and provides pest control across Yorkshire, whose pest controllers have over 30 years of experience in the field. Aside from wasps, Apex also deals with bedbugs, moles, mice, cockroaches, ants, rats, and many other pests.

We will answer some of the most frequently asked wasp-related questions — from ‘What is the best wasp nest removal near me?‘ too ‘How much does it cost to kill wasps?

We’ve already answered the first one but read on to find out the rest.
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What are some of the signs of having a wasp nest?


The first and most obvious sign that you have a nest nearby is the increased number of wasps flying around. Follow them to find out where they’ve nested. The closer you get to the nest, the more wasps you’ll encounter.

As far as the location is concerned, there are no limits. Wasps can nest anywhere — from the tree branches to the underside of a toilet bowl. Still, they usually opt for the bushes, trees, wall cavities, and eaves. If you’re unsure where the wasps are coming from, make sure to check out these types of locations first.

Keep in mind that, during spring, wasp nests are new and thus very small. They’re about the size of a tennis ball during that phase. However, as time progresses, and summer comes along, the nests will get significantly bigger. That’s why you should react immediately. The sooner you take care of it, the better.

How do I get rid of a wasp nest?


If you’ve caught it early on, while it’s still small, you can try and remove it yourself with an appropriate pesticide product. Some people love to tackle DIY projects; we get it. However, we highly recommend you leave everything to the professionals for extermination.

If you’re dealing with a large colony of wasps and therefore a big nest, we insist that you don’t try and do it yourself. And here’s why:

● Wasps are aggressive, and they will sting for no reason whatsoever. Their stings are not only painful but also incredibly dangerous. Multiple stings can even lead to instant death if not treated immediately. One sting is bad enough, let alone 50 of them. And if you try and meddle with the nest, you’re bound to get stung more than 50 times. On the other hand, a pest control professional has all the right equipment for a wasp nest removal. That includes a specially designed protective suit.

● Secondly, using an improper pesticide, or misusing pesticide, can be potentially dangerous for you and your family. Wasp nest removal involves strong chemicals. A professional pest controller not only knows which pesticide to use but also has access to effective chemicals. Also, a professional will even know how to apply them correctly and safely.

How much does it cost to remove wasps?


Here at Apex Pest Control, wasp nest removal will set you back £65 a nest. Additional nests cost £10.

Our local wasp control visit includes treatment, removal and disposal of the nest. You get a quick response to eradicate your wasp problem professionally.

How do I treat a wasp sting?


Wasp stings are not only dangerous but also extremely painful. Besides, they can be lethal if you get stung multiple times. Also, even a single sting can be life-threatening if a person is allergic to wasp stings. But more on that a bit later.

To treat the wasp sting, first, wash it with soap and cold water. After that, apply an ice pack to the affected area and keep it on for at least 10 minutes. You should feel the pain gradually fading.

Don’t touch the affected area and make sure it’s clean at all times. Ask your pharmacist for an ointment that will help relieve some of the pain and itchiness. We recommend avoiding home remedies, especially the ones that involve sodium bicarbonate or vinegar.


As we mentioned, some people are allergic to wasp stings. Their physiological reaction to a wasp sting is intense, and it can even result in death. This reaction is called anaphylaxis, and it spreads like wildfire.

Here are some of the symptoms of anaphylaxis:
● rashes
● swelling in the eyes, mouth, or throat
● nausea and vomiting
● low blood pressure
● lightheadedness
● difficulty breathing.

If you experience any of these symptoms after you got stung by a wasp, seek medical attention immediately. Besides, ask your pharmacist to give you an antihistamine.

Is it safe to remove a wasp nest in the winter?


Yes, it is. Wasps cannot survive the cold; therefore, they’ll all die once winter gets there. Even those that survive won’t return to the old nest — wasps typically don’t reuse them. Besides, young queen wasps hibernate over the winter and start building nests late in the spring. So, the nest will most likely be empty during the winter season.

Still, do not wait until winter to take care of a critical wasp nest. Until then, wasps can seriously harm you and your family. It’s much better to call the professionals right away, invest some money, and take care of it immediately.

How long does it take to kill wasps?


Some bug sprays and insecticides can kill wasps immediately, but the sprays are not intended for nests. While they may kill a few bugs, they shouldn’t be used too often because of the dangerous fumes.

On the other hand, there are pesticides (usually in powder form) which can effectively kill thousands of wasps. However, they take a bit longer to work. Depending on the size of the nest, the pesticide can take anywhere from 2 to 24 hours to kill the wasps. These pro-grade pesticides are a safe option in the long run.

At what temperature do wasps die?


As soon as the temperature drops below 0°C, all of the queens and drones will die. Although some of the queen wasps that have mated may stay alive, they will hibernate during winter so they won’t pose a threat.

Can wasps build nests in walls?


As we mentioned previously, wasps tend to build nests everywhere, especially in the crevices of the walls. Of course, if you have brick-and-mortar walls, you shouldn’t worry. Wasps can only make a nest inside plaster walls.

If your wall isn’t correctly sealed wasps can easily take up residence inside it. Considering its excellent thermal insulation, the wall is the perfect hiding spot for a new wasp colony.

Even though removing wasps from a wall is among the most demanding tasks in pest control, rest assured that we’d be perfectly willing and able to solve your wasp problem once and for all.

Do wasps come back to their old nest?


cluster of wasp entering there nesting hole - wasp nest removal near me

One of the most common misconceptions about wasps is that they all hibernate during the winter, similarly to bees. Most wasps live for only a single season, unlike bees, who live for several years.

The only member of a wasp colony that’s able to survive winter is a mated queen. She does hibernate, but not in the nest. The hibernation usually occurs under tree bark or in a burrow.

Even when the queen rises from her hibernation, she goes off to make a new nest, altogether abandoning the old one.

How do I get rid of a wasp nest in a loft?


Lofts are among the most common indoor locations for a wasp nest. An attic can sometimes have accidental holes and openings, in which wasps can go and create a new nest.

If you find yourself having wasps in your loft, the first thing that pops up in your mind should be: “Who should I call for wasp nest removal near me?” If you’re dealing with wasps for the first time, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. We offer excellent service and guaranteed results.

If you want to d.i.y yourself, we recommend wasp powder. You can use it to fill the cracks in the walls that contain the nest. You’ll be dealing with poisonous chemicals. So, you should take all the necessary precautions.

How do I manage wasps around my business?


A wasp infestation can cause irreparable damage to your business, especially if you’re in the service branch. It can easily be disastrous for a newly opened cafe or restaurant.

To properly treat wasps around your business, you should, under no circumstance, take matters into your own hands. Getting rid of wasps in your home is one thing, but when other people’s safety is involved, different rules apply.

To be sure that the treatment process doesn’t pose any risk to the health and safety of bystanders, you need to hire a professional pest removal service. Fortunately, Apex Pest Control specialises in such situations. Leave the problem to us, and our rapid response will be taken care of within a few days.

Wasp control services for businesses and homes


Apex provides local pest technicians to take care of commercial wasp treatments to protect customers and property from wasps and bees. Our qualified specialists are fully trained, insured, and CHAS registered. For more details and a free quote, please contact Tony Johnson on 0114 3491098

Pest control for nearby wasp removal


If you are looking for wasp control near me? Here at Apex pest control in Sheffield will provide you with advice and a free quote to remove a wasp nest. We work with residential and commercial properties delivering pest control and pest management for extermination and remove wasps.

Contact us for more details at Apex Pest Control 0114 3491098

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