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It is not likely that the nest itself will be dangerous, most pest company’s leave it in place. But the wasp colony inside can pose a threat, especially if you bother the nest.

You mustn’t go near a nest and take risks since wasps swarm and sting if they feel threatened in any way. The process could be dangerous, which is why you should leave it to the professionals.

A pest problem can affect both commercial and domestic properties, and without proper treatment, this can cause serious health and safety concerns.

To have a safe live wasp nest removal and prevent its return in the future, a professional pest control company is needed. Apex Pest Control provides exactly that kind of excellent service to Rotherham customers.


Wasp Nest Removal In Rotherham


Wasps can be highly dangerous, even fatal, to the people in close contact with them. Not to mention the damage they cause to your property.

We have the training and experience necessary to any wasp nest removals safely and effectively. Wasp treatment and nest removal can be carried out on the same day in Rotherham and neighbouring areas.

Facts About Wasps

Can I do my own pest control?


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The do-it-yourself method can be an inexpensive solution to a small infestation. If an infestation is large or a problem continues, call a fully trained professional pest control to save time, trouble, and money.



How did wasps build nests?


The walls of wasp nests are made from chewed up wood pulp and saliva, giving the nests their distinctive papery appearance.

Nests are usually built in sheltered premises with easy access to the outside world. The most likely places to find nests are wall cavities, roof spaces, underground sheds, and under eaves.


How fast do wasps make a nest?


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Throughout the summer! A wasp colony begins building its nest in the spring, and the nest gradually grows bigger as the colony grows.

The nest reaches its peak size in autumn and is abandoned. Fertilized queens survive the winter, usually hibernating in roofs, basements, or old trees. In the following year, the whole process begins again; nests aren’t reused.



Why do wasps nest in houses?


A wasp’s nest often forms in small, cosy holes found on high shelves, in cabinets, and even inside electrical socket pins! The nest usually has a light brown hue, as well as the colour of the soil.

The returning wasp is collecting soil and all that it needs to build its nest from the outside. Soon, the nest will start breeding, spawning more wasps.



How do queen wasps reproduce?


Toward the end of summer/beginning of autumn, the nest will reach its maximum size, and the queen will lay queen eggs and drone (unfertilized) eggs. Each nest will produce around 1000/1500 queens.

Upon laying these eggs, the existing queen will not lay more eggs. As soon as they have pupated, these eggs become virgin queens and male drones.

They leave the nest and travel to particular areas for mating. Drones are not believed to mate with queens from the same nest due to their ability to see and recognise the same nest/colony members. In this way, interbreeding is prevented, and genes are evenly distributed.

After mating, the fertilised queens find a place to hibernate over the winter months, and the drones die.



What wasps are in the UK?


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There are approximately 9,000 species of wasp in the United Kingdom. The list includes large stinging wasps and microscopic parasitic wasps that are invisible to the naked eye. The following are some of the most common wasp species found in Britain.

  • Common/German wasp (Vespula vulgaris/germanica)
  • European hornet (Vespa crabro)
  • Yellow-legged Asian hornet (Vespa velutina)
  • Red wasp (Vespula rufa)
  • Dolichovespula species

DolichoVespula has three species in the United Kingdom. DolichoVespula or (Vespula vulgaris) is the most common type of wasps in the UK.


Why wasps sting?


Wasps sting humans when they feel threatened. In the wild, wasps use stings as a way to catch their prey, but in humans, it is merely a defence mechanism.

Two main reasons might lead to stings from wasps.

  • Protection – A female wasp, like most animals, will protect her nest if it feels attacked or threatened with the only defence mechanism she has – her stinger!
  • Anger – Wasps behave in many ways like humans. They get upset. Normally, this is a result of them feeling threatened as well. Waving newspaper and arms constantly can cause the wasp to feel very annoyed and threatened.



How To Deal With Wasp Nests


When it comes to eliminating wasps, it is best to address the wasp problem at its root – the nest. Apex Pest Control can remove them for you. Please inquire about our wasp nest removal services today.

We recommend you contact us for a wasp control and advice if a nest or swarm becomes a nuisance. The expert technicians at Apex recommend chemical pest control over biological pest control because it has some distinct advantages.

Why Apex Pest Control Rotherham?


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Apex provides qualified professional pest control and treatment services throughout Rotherham, Sheffield, Worksop and the surrounding areas from residential property to industrial units.

For professional rodents, insect and wasp nest removal, Apex services offer:

  • Public Liability Insurance.
  • Prior Agreement to before treatments.
  • Work Fully Insured.
  • Trained Pest Technicians.
  • NPTA Registered.

We offer very competitive prices for wasp nest removal in Rotherham and all pest control problems throughout South Yorkshire. Apex leads in industry standards, and we provide friendly and efficient service at all times.

We will walk you through every step of the process and advise you on the best ways to keep pests out of your home and garden.



Apex Pest Control Services In Rotherham, South Yorkshire


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For a free quote and efficient and excellent service from a wasp control specialist, call Apex today. Like all reputable pest control companies, we do not carry out wasp or bee nest removals and treatments unless there is a serious threat to human life.

Our business carries out services through safe use techniques to prevent damage to property, pets and family.

In addition to wasp nest removals, we also offer other services like removing insects and unwanted pests – mice, rats, bed bugs control, bees and bee nest removal, mole control, ants control, cockroach control, additional nest removal and more.

Contact Us Today!


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need fully insured pest control technicians & wasp pest control in Rotherham that you can trust to handle your emergency pest control issues.

For online enquiries and more information about our services and company, give us a call today.



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