Wasp Nest Removal Sheffield

Wasp Nest Removal Sheffield

Apex Wasp Nest Removal Sheffield will Shield You from Danger.


Wasps can cause mayhem around the home and office. The insects can be a nightmare to shift out of the loft too. It’s not an exaggeration to say wasps can make life a living hell, especially if you’re not comfortable around them. But just because you want to get rid of them, doesn’t mean you want to kill them.

We’ve got you covered. Our team of experienced wasp nest removals experts at Apex will take care of so you never have to be bothered by unwelcome guests again.

Are you thinking about removing the wasp nest yourself? Expect for a bumpy ride, wasps can get aggressive very quickly and will do anything possible to protect their nests. So don’t expect to be lucky, expect to get stung. And once you’ve removed the nest, what are you going to do with a swarm of aggressive, homeless wasps roaming around.

The fastest and safest thing you can do is call on the expertise of a company that specialises in wasp nest removal. Our team reacts fast, professional, and affordable.


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We are one of the most recommended wasp nest removal services in Sheffield. Most of our business comes from referrals. We take pride in keeping homes, offices, and factories free of wasp nests. We also offer pest control in Rotherham as well as other areas of Yorkshire.

Having been in the pest control industry for over 35 years, we have delivered a quality service to our customers. Browsing through our testimonials, you’ll find that we are efficient, professional, and fast. Our Sheffield wasp nest removal service is available throughout South Yorkshire. In fact, on receiving an order, our control services will arrive at your doorstep within 48 hours, more often than not though we will visit the same day.

Pest control in Sheffield has the same issues as most urban areas. In recent years the rate of pests has grown, from wasps, rats, and even bed bugs, Wasps have become an increasingly severe problem. Pest control Sheffield council are underfunded and understaffed. Often our rapid response team can help Sheffield residents when they need help.

As a leading wasp removal company in Sheffield, we are hell-bent on delivering pest control services to all residents across the city. With help from the Sheffield city council pest control, we help to exterminate every local pest from homes and offices. Your safety is our primary concern. We ensure we don’t leave the premises until our customers are satisfied with our service.



Our standards for delivering our services of wasp nest removal in Sheffield are second to none. Generally, we make use of insecticides from some of the best manufacturers around the world. Once called up for a wasp nest removal service, we apply these insecticide powders to the wasps, they stick to their bodies, and then they transport it into their nests. With time, the dust gets to the queen bee, causing it to die. Our pest control service is rapid and will usually perform on the same day. There is no need for you to vacate your premises as wasps often get found in sheds and lofts.

For those that would rather not remove the wasp nest but just get rid of the wasps, we have a unique way of dealing with the wasps. Here, we make use of pesticides to treat the nuisance wasps but will leave their nest on-site. This operation is successfully carried out during the summer months to remove the pesky insects.

Apart from wasp nest removal and extermination in Sheffield, we provide proofing services for our customers to ensure these wasps do not find solace in their homes again. Wasp queens are always in search of a new home every year. If they found a way into your house in the past, they can surely do it again. This is why you need to hire Apex pest experts for our proofing services.

We will immediately assign a pest controller to your home to carry out all the necessary checks. That way, you can be sure of having a great summer in your Sheffield home and garden without fear of any unwanted guests.

While having wasps in your home can be disturbing and annoying, it is worth mentioning they are not known for being responsible for transmitting any diseases. They are often responsible for causing disruption and making a nuisance of themselves, especially where food is concerned. They are very attracted to sweet-smelling foods and will be quick to destroy the enjoyment of any meal.

The summer months in Sheffield are when wasps nests are at their peak. With our specialised services, wasp nest removal and pest control don’t need to be an issue. Sheffield residents can have a beautiful, fun-filled summer without having to worry about a wasp nest appearing in their home or garden.

Wasp stings can be nasty, leave marks and cause complications. So, if you find a wasp nest in your home, do not hesitate to call us and we will be with you immediately.


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Wasp nest treatment – Areas covered.


Our pest controllers provide wasp control in these locations:

  • Darnall
  • Greenhill
  • Fulwood
  • Killamarsh
  • Hackenthorpe
  • Dore
  • Norton
  • Heeley
  • Dronfield
  • Beauchief
  • Intake
  • Handsworth
  • Tinsley
  • Crookesmoor
  • Halfway
  • Beighton
  • Chapletown
  • Hillsborough
  • Oughtibridge
  • Chapeltown
  • Gleadless


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Being the leading pest controller in Sheffield, we offer a wasp nest removal service at very affordable prices. We make sure to locate and remove wasp nests and any associated swarms from home residences, offices, gardens, and businesses across South Yorkshire.

All our work is insured as we carry Public Liability insurance. We always put the client first. That’s our primary objective and why our clients recommend us to their friends and family. For our clients in Sheffield and surrounding areas, we put out clients first by guaranteeing satisfaction.

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Living in Sheffield and want to get rid of a wasp nest and other pests in your home, business, or office? Call us today, and we will assign one of our experts to your location with immediate effect to get rid of the problem. We have got everyone in Sheffield covered with our quality service. Don’t believe us, try us for yourself!


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