Why Your Business Should Need a Pest Control Contract

business pest control contract
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Why should your Business need a Pest Control Contract?

Most businesses only contact a pest control company when they have a problem – this in the days of Health and Safety, cares for yourself, your employees and customers, can be a false economy. Prevention is always better than trying to cure an infestation after an employee has gone off sick, or a pest problem has effected a customer in some way; which in turn may cost your business time and money.

Apex Pest Control can visit your business, where we would carry out a free survey and report along with a quotation for a 12-month Pest Control Contract. Cover for your business may be a standard contract for Rats and Mice or a more in-depth contract to include insects, moths, electronic fly killers, bird control etc.

All businesses may be at risk from pests in the working environment. For example, employees may come into contact with diseases carried by rodents when picking up items, or touching goods where rodents have urinated. This can be a source of Leptospirosis (Wiels Disease). A lot of bacteria is carried on the body and feet of rodents, which can be transferred onto surfaces which employees are coming into contact with or working from.

Insects, such as cockroaches, may transfer pathogens and bacteria as they move from filthy areas to food areas or work surfaces. They may also lay eggs in packaging materials, which then go back to the customer and infest their properties, this then may be traced back through packaging to you resulting in bad relationships with customers. These are just a couple of common examples where a Pest Control Contract may prevent an infestation occurring.

Most pest problems go unnoticed by companies, until the number of pests increases to a point where you’re seeing signs or pests during the day time. As lots of pests are nocturnal, they may have been on your property for many weeks spreading diseases, damaging stock or equipment which could be costly to the business.

By having an Apex Pest Control contract, we will carry out regular visits to your company where we will inspect and survey all areas of the site, monitor rodent bait stations and insect traps and provide a written report after each visit. We are there to prevent any pest problem from escalating into an infestation which may damage your business.

A Pest Control Contract is much more cost efficient than having a seriously ill employee or customer, or having damage done to your equipment and reputation!

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