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Diseases such as the coronavirus or otherwise known as COVID-19 is a new strain from the related group of viruses typically found in mammals and birds. Infection control and decontamination are necessary to sterilise against the spread of disease and help contain the virus.

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Service

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Disinfection From Apex Pest Control   The COVID-19 coronavirus has deeply affected everyone in the UK – and at Apex Pest Control, we’re here to help commercial property owners, business owners and health care facilities get the deep cleaning services they need to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. Learn more about …

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Open 7 Days a Week National Pest Technicians Association Sterile Cleaning Service Deep Clean Disinfectant Treatments Available Now! Stay Safe and Help to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19. Apex Pest Control provides a deep clean disinfectant service to your Home, Office or Workplace. The process entails disinfecting with PX Ornikill to all Multi-Touch areas such …

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