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Leeds is located in West Yorkshire, UK and can be easily visited by road, rail or air vis the Leeds Bradford airport. If you’re looking for Apex Pest Control, culture, history, shopping or just to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the city, there’s lots to experience in Leeds.

Leeds West Yorkshire Uk
The Local Government Act 1972 established West Yorkshire as a metropolitan area in 1974 and roughly corresponded to the northeast of England and south-west of Scotland, except for the Isle of Wight. It covers the West Yorkshire area, which is the largest and most heavily built-up area in the UK and includes parts of Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, York, Leeds and York.

In 1974, West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council inherited West Riding County Hall, which opened in 1898, from West Riding County Council. In 1986 it was abolished, and the county council was re-established, which effectively became a unitary authority. After county councils got abolished, West Yorkshire continued to be a ceremonial county until its abolition in 1986.

In March 2020, the government confirmed that West Yorkshire would have its first elected mayor. Provided the deal is approved by the UK Government’s new Local Government Reform Act 2020. West Yorkshire is a combined jurisdiction in which all local authorities combine the functions of transport and regeneration under the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

The leaders of the local council is currently Councillor Judith Blake (Labour) and Leader of Leeds City Council Tom Riordan. Seats on the council are subject to change with every local election. In contrast, the leader of West Yorkshire County Council and Leeds County Borough Council are both Conservative councillors. Leeds and its former districts consist of entire areas.

Most of these boroughs are within the boundaries of a single county council, such as Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford, Sheffield and York. West Yorkshire has no county councils, with Leeds City Council, the primary service provider for local government.

In some areas, limited functions have got absorbed into Leeds City Council, and some form a lower level of local government. See Leeds St Peter’s Yorkshire Genealogy for a list of the many churches and chapels that form the ancient boundaries of the great city.

Historically, Leeds’s West Riding can trace back to the 5th century, when the name got given to a wooded area in the Kingdom of Elmet. In the 13th century, after several embodiments, the name changed first to a name for a small noble district and then to the present municipality with which it’s connected.
Today West Yorkshire borders 53 former government districts, including Leeds City Council, Leeds County Council and Leeds and Huddersfield Borough Council.

The area in the county consists mainly of the Pennines and their foothills. Which dominate the west and gradually drop into the Vale of York and the Humberhead Levels to the east. The county borders run counter-clockwise from west to east and east to north-west, except for Leeds and Huddersfield, bordering Northumbria and Northumberland.

When county councils got formed in 1889, Leeds was excluded from its jurisdiction and formed a county. The district was in the West Riding of Yorkshire and gained city status in 1893. Still, when the county council got founded as an equestrian club in 1889, it excluded Leeds from its jurisdiction. The local government agreements signed in 1969 envisaged a new and larger district around Leeds, covering a total area of 2.2 million square kilometres and comprising 840,000 people.

This new district was part of the county of West Yorkshire and gained county and city status after being retained as a county. This table is formatted in the same way as the following for the Western Riding of Yorkshire, Leeds and the City of Leeds.

West Yorkshire comprises many green belts scattered throughout the county and the surrounding West Yorkshire Urban Area. It has a high degree of urbanisation, particularly in the city of Leeds and its surroundings. Inland it tends to be cooler than in the counties further south. Still, it has one of the highest population densities of any county in England and Wales.

This has helped make the city, with a population of more than 1.5 million and an annual economic output of more than £1.2 billion, the industrial capital of Yorkshire.

Leeds got founded as a settlement of the Anglo-Saxons in the middle of the 12th century, and its traditional industry was cloth production. Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield grew with the development of wool factories, and heavy industry facilitated the growth of South Leeds. There is a strong link between Leeds and Bradford City Council, and Leeds “traditional industry is the production of wool and wool products such as cloth, cotton and cotton.

During the Robens era, many West Yorkshire coal mines closed in the 1960s. However, mining was still a significant employer in Wakefield County at the time of the 1984-85 strike.

Established in Leeds, there are now more than 1,000 companies with offices in Wakefield County, and over 50% of the UK manufacturing base is just a two-hour drive from Leeds. Leeds is the third-largest manufacturing centre in the UK. Leeds attracts investment as it becomes a recognised financial centre. With building societies such as Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Barclays and HSBC having offices in the city.

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