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Sheffield is based in 7 hills that surround the city. Sheffield is known as the greenest city in England as there are many parks. The river Sheaf and the river Don run through Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

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Sheffield is situated on a hilly and valley system of seven surrounding hills great beauty and served by modern roads. Still, the moorland of the Pennines and the forested valleys of Derbyshire reach to the edge of its residential areas.

In addition to the city of Sheffield, the borough includes suburbs and open countryside, including part of the Peak District National Park.

Many excellent museums and visitor centres tell different aspects of the city’s history. The Town Hall (1897) is a remarkable municipal building, and its museum and Graves Art Gallery have excellent collections.

A must is the Industrial Museum, which houses an extensive collection of functioning steam engines and other industrial equipment. In Porter Valley, the water-powered knife grinding shop has a restored shepherd’s wheel as well as some other historic buildings, such as the train station.

Ironically, the lodge is on the grounds of the sprawling Manor Manor, home to one of England’s largest and most famous hotels, St George’s Lodge.

Travel to Loxley, on the outskirts of the city, and you’ll pass glittering reservoirs and atmospheric moors. A third town lies within the confines of the Peak District National Park, where the contrasting limestone dales and raised bogs. It gives its name are just a short (and inexpensive) bus ride away. The vibrant and vibrant nightlife of the city with its many bars and restaurants is another unique feature.

The Green Corridor, which emanates from the city itself, is a historic forest park with green corridors that run from city to city.

In the Middle Ages, local iron ore was smelted from charcoal extracted from the nearby woodland, and excellent local sandstone was used as a grindstone by blacksmiths and tailors.

In the 15th century, brooks began to flow in Sheffield for grinding and blacksmithing, and so the cutlery industry grew. In the 17th century, Sheffield developed into one of the most important centres for the production of silver, gold and silverware in the world. Sheffield enjoyed a near-monopoly on the English cutter trade.

Incomes in Sheffield are not too bad, with an average household income of £14,252 a year, well above the national average of around £12,000. House prices are also rising, but disposable income is still below average, with the average household spending £14,251 a year.

Sheffield’s life expectancy is just below the national average. With men’s life expectancy estimated at 79 years, while for women there is a gap of just over three years, while in most parts of the UK there is a gap of four years between men and women.

Sheffield in Yorkshire is one of the cities that has fallen from 29th to 48th place in 2015, but it is a city with great opportunities. Sheffield and its people have got recognised throughout its history as inventive, hard-working and entrepreneurial. Sheffield is the city with the most excellent opportunities for those who live, work and invest here.

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