Don’t make your workplace attractive for rodents

rodents in workplace
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Don’t make your workplace attractive for rodents


An important thing to remember is that mice and rats are attracted to locations where there is plenty of food, water, and shelter available. This includes workplaces. If employees bring food into work and you fail to store and dispose of waste properly, you can find yourself with an infestation. At Apex Pest Control we have seen numerous businesses suffering from infestations. Luckily we provide the best rodent control Sheffield has to offer, tackling problems effectively.

5 Ways to Help Reduce Risk


Many of the tips for getting rid of rodents in your home apply to business premises too. You can read more about how pests can present a danger to your business. But, here are some of the most important things to do:

1) Get rid of sources of water such as leaky taps and plumbing. If there is no water, rodents will not be able to get one of the most important things they need to survive.

2) Use durable bins made from sturdy plastic or metal. These will be resistant to gnawing and make it harder for pests to get at your food waste.

3) Never leave snack foods lying around, even in drawers. Lots of pests will be attracted to these foods, so it is better to keep them out of reach or take them away from the property when you leave at the end of the day.

4) Reduce the number of natural food sources around the property such as tree fruit and nuts. This removes another source of food and takes away another essential thing the pests need to survive.

5) Seal up any cracks around a building to prevent rodents from gaining entry. Any opening that is a quarter of an inch or more significant is an entryway and should be sealed.

If you can effectively seal the property, and get rid of food and water sources you will stand the best chance of avoiding infestation. Keep in mind it is better to be proactive than reactive; getting rid of pests once they are established in property is more challenging than deterring them from the outset.

Call a Professional Pest Expert


Apex Pest Control provides pest control experts who give excellent advice and services. They are the most experienced team for rodent control Sheffield has to offer, assisting both domestic and commercial clients. If you have noticed signs of pests or want to be proactive in safeguarding against a pest infestation, Apex pest control will help. Contact the Apex team to find out more on 0114 3491098 

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