Signs of a Wasp Infestation

wasp infestation
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If you are experiencing high amounts of wasps in your garden or home this could be an indicator of a nest nearby. They are considered pests because a nest that’s mature in the summer can contain thousands of wasps. It is important to catch and treat a nest early to minimise the threat of a wasp sting, which are painful and can sometimes result in allergic reactions. APEX is the best for pest control Sheffield has and can find the signs of infestation effectively.

If you are worried about a wasp nest, it is strongly advised you never tackle it yourself. When the nest is threatened the wasps can get very aggressive, stinging you as a way of defending themselves.

Being able to identify a wasp nest can sometimes be difficult too. Here are some tips to help you locate it if you want to conduct your own inspection before calling the professionals.

Generally, wasps create their nests from saliva and wood pulp which gives them papery looking walls. Also nests are usually made in sheltered spots which can easily be accessed from outside. Often the nests can be discovered in roof spaces, wall cavities, garages, and bird boxes.

In order to locate the nest, you need to pay close attention to the flight paths of the wasps. Identifying these becomes much easier later in the summer due to an increase in wasp numbers.

What worries most people is how large nests can be. Obviously it will start off very small, and can be compared to the size of a golf ball. As summer continues the nest can grow quite rapidly, becoming the size of a football or even larger. It is best to treat a nest early on, as the wasps will be fewer in numbers and less aggressive.

APEX Pest Control can help rid of the nightmare that is wasp nests. We can provide fast services at any time, whether you discover a nest early or later on when it is much larger. We approach each removal with care, ensuring we look out for the inhabitants of the property and our own team.

If you think you have a wasp infestation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, the best team for pest control Sheffield has.

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