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We offer domestic and commercial carpet beetle pest control to get rid of the infestation. As expert pest controllers we will find and identify the root cause and treat it fast.

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Pest Control for Carpet Beetle Treatment

Treatment of carpet beetles consists of identifying the extent of the infestation. Checks should be made to ensure that old bird nesting material, wool, fur or similar sources are not harbouring carpet beetle larvae. Once the carpet beetle infestation is assessed, then treatment would start of the affected areas using a residual insecticide.

When carpets get treated then an insecticide, which will not stain, or otherwise damage your carpet will be selected. For help in pest control for your carpet beetle,  Apex pest control will remove these bugs.

Our carpet beetle pest control will remove the larvae and prevent the beetle eggs growing.

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0114 349 1098

01709 794258

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Carpet Beetle infestation

The carpet beetle species is the most common pest in Britain, surpassing the clothes moth in the amount of damage the beetle’s cause. The larvae can be destructive pests of woollen materials, furs, leather, toy woolly bears and carpets.

Damage can also occur to furniture where there are fabrics and materials of animal origin used in their construction. Occasionally stored food products are attacked.

Just like other insects bearing hairs, skin contact with the larvae may cause irritation and minor health issues.

Do You Need an Exterminator for Carpet Beetles?

If you discover any signs of carpet beetle infestation at your home, pest exterminator action will need to be taken.

Hire the Services of a Professional Pest Control Company

Although the beetle is a common pest, the carpet beetle isn’t well-known, and many people can confuse carpet beetle damage with over insect pests like moths. The damaged areas look similar however, moths feed randomly, resulting in scattered holes on the fabric, whereas the carpet beetles tend to feed in concentrated areas.

To remove any doubt which pest you have, the best way to ensure that your home or workplace is completely free of carpet beetles is to employ the services of a qualified, experienced and professional pest control company. Apex has pest control experts who will not only eliminate the infestation but will give you the advice to prevent further infestations in the future.

Carpet beetles are extremely resilient pests and DIY carpet beetle pest control methods often will not work, and the beetles return after some weeks. Only by using a professional pest control service will you be certain to put a stop to a carpet beetle infestation.

Apex pest control is a company with specialist skills in carpet beetle removal.

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What Causes You to Get Carpet Beetles?

Most carpet beetles live and multiple outdoors where they feed on pollen and nectar. The beetles may hitch a ride into your home on plants or flowers. 

The main species get attracted to light, and because of their small size can quickly move in through cracks in windows and doors. Gaps around plumbing pipes, electrical conduits, soffit vents, eaves and chimneys also serve as easy entry points.

Where do carpet beetles come from indoors? The carpet beetle is known to infest a wide variety of household items. Wool carpet, oriental rugs and wool clothing are frequent targets. 

Some beetles are attracted to animal hides products or the fur of a dead rodent that may have gotten trapped in your walls or chimney. 

Dried flower arrangements and some types of potpourri will provide a food source for carpet beetles. Some of the carpet beetle species  will feed on dry dog food, noodles or flour.

How Long do Carpet Beetles Live?

Larval life is much dependent upon the quality of the food it is feeding upon. If the larvae have had periods in which they have fed well. They are capable of surviving prolonged periods without food for many months.

Once fully grown the larvae pupate within the last larval skin and the pupa emerges the adult. There is often a gap between the development of the adult in the larval skin and the emergence of the adult; this can often extend to a month.

When the adults emerge they feed on the pollen of garden plants such as roses, viburnum and many other bushes. Indoors, adults may be found on window sills from March to September.

Larvae may live in the nests of birds, insects and mammals.

In common with other insects, development times get influenced by temperature, relative humidity, moisture content, quantity and quality of food. The following figures are therefore only a guide.

Number of days spent as:

Egg14 – 31
Larvae220 – 320
Pupa10 – 30
Adult male14 – 30
Adult female15 – 45

Egg to adult at room temperature averages 250-350 days

Apex Carpet Beetle Pest Control Services

If you think you have a beetle problem, such as finding brown or black dead cases or bugs. Please contact us at Apex, and we will inspect the common areas for a beetle environment and check if you need treatment. Sometimes bed bugs are mistaken for the carpet beetle, and we will survey to establish which is the correct pest and advise you.

At Apex pest control, we offer to visit you quickly with no call out charge and provide you with the best carpet beetle treatment. Act now and stop the beetle infestation Call Today! 0114 3491098

Call Your Local Pest Control Office

0114 349 1098

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Popular Carpet Beetle Questions

You may find dead beetle on your window sill as the beetles are attracted to light. Before calling a professional pest control service, you may try to tackle the bugs yourself. However, we advise you to call a pest expert like us to assess the problem.

If you want to combat the infestation yourself and the DIY option, shake boric acid sparingly on your carpet and leave for two to three hours, and vacuum it up. The boric acid should kill the beetles, larvae, and eggs. Warning: The use of boric acid might cause side effects on your pets, so you need to keep them away from the treated area for a few hours or more. And read the label to make sure it will not stain or damage your furnishings. Also, get rid of infested clothing.

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