Squirrels in Christmas Decorations Box

Grey Squirrels in winter

Christmas Decorations 

Apex Services is coming into the festive time of year when thoughts turn to getting the Christmas Decorations down from the loft space, but BEWARE you may have 3 species of unwanted guests already there! If you discover your decorations or boxes are chewed or rodent dropping are present then you may have Rats, Mice or even Squirrels making a cosy nest.

All rodents need to chew on items to help ware their teeth down so the longer they are in your roof cavity the more chance they will eventually get to chewing your electric cables. A large percentage of fires are attributed to rodents chewing through wires. One of the other factors we discover about having an infestation of rodents in the roof is urine and droppings fowling the insulation materials and any items of value stored in this area.

On a more serious note the householder needs to be aware of a potential hazard of contracting Weil’s disease particularly from a Rat infestation. Once the rodents have established themselves noise may also become a problem with Rats & Mice particularly active throughout the night-time.

As a Company we treat every job as professionally as possible, with an infestation of Rats and Mice we conduct a baiting programme using a 2nd generation rodenticide carrying out visits until we have control of the infestation.

When Squirrels are the culprits we use a trapping programme using Fenn Mk6 traps baited with peanuts until we have caught all the unwanted Pests!

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