Charges for Pest Control Services

Charges for pest control services
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Charges For Pest Control Services


There comes a time in the life of every homeowner when mice, rats, fleas, cockroaches and other pests infest their homes. They are not only annoying but also unhygienic — they can even carry diseases. So, when they appear, we might be tempted to try and handle them ourselves. Who knows, maybe we could just set a few traps, and the problem would go away?

Firstly, we have to take note of the fundamental differences between them. Of course, the most obvious difference between mice and rats is their size. The common house mouse is small, weighing around 15 grams, while the rat can weigh up to 300g. Moreover, the typical mouse is a curious rodent, and won’t instinctively avoid any new things in its habitat.

That means that a mouse trap might be a useful pest control tool. In contrast, a rat is very cautious and will need time to adjust to any changes before it becomes comfortable with them. As such, a rat is a lot more challenging to catch.

That is why it’s always better to have trained professionals to handle a pest problem. That is why Apex is here. In this article, we will discuss why pest control is essential as well as give you the average charges for pest control services.

However, we must ask you not to take all the prices for granted. Namely, our charges vary depending on the size of the client’s home and the type of pest problem we have to handle.

What Is Apex Pest Control?


Apex charges for pest control services
Apex pest control now provides pest control services to residential and commercial properties. Apex is NPTA certified with over 30 years of experience.

We are a pest control company that operates in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK. With the recent increase in mice, rat, and other pest infestations, it’s essential to have a dedicated company on call. Our goal is to get rid of pests quickly and efficiently, to avoid any damage they can cause to your property. We have over 30 years of experience in dealing with all kinds of pests, and we work with both homeowners and commercial businesses. We are always ready to tackle any problem, and we’re available 7 days a week.

Our company is registered with the National Pest Technicians Association, and all of our technicians are B.P.C.A. and R.S.P.H. certified, and they are skilled in pest removal. Furthermore, we use unmarked vehicles, so our services are discrete and designed to minimise the loss of profit or customer complaints, and avoid the embarrassment that comes with pest infestations.

We focus on the safety and environment when dealing with domestic, business or housing pest control management. As health and the environmental surroundings affected by a pest is treated in such a way leaving the premises safe for use.

Points that Determine The Cost Of Pest Control


Whether it’s a family home or a food production business, different factors lead to different pest problems. That is why we always talk with our clients and offer them a quote with competitive rates. Also, after we finish the necessary surveys and reach a price agreement with our clients, we get to work right away.

So, our charges for pest control services may vary significantly depending on:

    the type of pest

    the severity of the pest infestation

    The location of our customers

    the size of the property in question

After we remove the pests, we provide our customers with a detailed report on pest management and treatments we applied. We will also offer advice for future pest prevention.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid of Mice and Rats?


As we stated before, there isn’t a fixed price for any of the pest control services that we offer. There are just too many factors we need to consider.

Our average charges for rat and mice pest control services start at £110 and include 2 visits to the client’s home. Any additional visit, if the problem persists, costs £25. We have to note that this price only applies to clients in South Yorkshire, and the amount may vary significantly if the clients are far away. Another thing that affects the rate is the proportion of the mouse or rat infestation.

What about other types of pest infestations?


Our prices for squirrel and mole pest control with traps is £45. However, there is no fixed price when it comes to mole infestations on farmland, and the cost depends on the agreement we reach with our clients.

We also offer insect pest control services, with our prices ranging from £65 to £125. Of course, certain insect infestations are tricky, and the charge dramatically depends on the severity of the problem. For example, a woodworm infestation can be very difficult to handle. We would have to perform a thorough survey of the property in question to determine how far the outbreak has progressed. So accessibility to inspect and treat the infested areas will impact the cost.

Get Rid of Pests with Apex Pest Control


Of course, most homeowners can try to solve their pest problem by themselves. However, if we take into account that wasps, mice and rats rapidly reproduce, we can expect an exponentially growing infestation.

That is why it’s always better to call a professional. At Apex pest control Sheffield, our services are discrete, quick, and efficient — you will surely be satisfied. Don’t wait for your problem to grow any bigger — call Apex to book a free inspection and expert treatment at 0114 3491098

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