Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson, our pest control company founder, is your partner in pest management. With his extensive knowledge of Integrated Pest Mangement and commitment to staying updated on the latest Pest industry trends, Tony is a trusted source for effective pest control solutions. Your peace of mind is Tony's top priority. Trusted BPCA & NPTA member.

wasp nests

Wasp Nest Removal Leeds

Wasp Nest Removal Leeds; How to Identify and Get Rid of Wasps   Wasps usually start appearing in the UK around the beginning of May, depending on the species. There are approximately 9 main types of wasp people see and encounter, and these are the larger wasps which have a stinger. The queen-wasps begin their work in April,

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Coronavirus Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Service

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Disinfection From Apex Pest Control   The COVID-19 coronavirus has deeply affected everyone in the UK – and at Apex Pest Control, we’re here to help commercial property owners, business owners and health care facilities get the deep cleaning services they need to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. Learn more about

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rat control Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Rat Control Barnsley

Rat control Barnsley Security To Quickly Stop Rodents   Need rat control in Barnsley, South Yorkshire? Apex Pest Control is here to help. We can quickly stop rodents – including rats and mice – from damaging your home, spreading disease, and causing further infestation from lice and fleas. Get more details about our pest services

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pest control wasps hate

Pest Control Wasps Hate

Do You Know the Best Pest Control Wasps Hate?     Pest Control for Wasps: Helping Protect Your Business or Home   Wasps are more than annoying flying pests in summer. They inflict stings, often when unprovoked, and they can attack when you least expect it, while walking to your car, talking outside with a

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Bee removal Sheffield

Bee Removal Sheffield

Bee Removal Sheffield   Professional Bee Removal Services you can Count on! Insects play a vital role in our ecology, from pollinating the vegetable-producing plants we love to eat, to summertime flowers. Not to mention producing delicious and versatile honey. Despite their usefulness, bees have no place inside your home, business or cause a nuisance

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